One state, one brave governor, one energy plan, one thriving economy

I watched the progress of the energy, tax, spend, climate bill in the Senate on C-SPAN Sunday. The procedural votes, the amendments, the Democrats and Republicans lining up to cast a final vote along party lines.

It’s government on parade, working to fix and rig and monitor and concoct the economy. Not exactly what the Constitution intended, unless I missed an Article stating every person’s home should always maintain open doors to let in wolves.

We need one state to push back. Hard. Very hard.

We need one governor who will find a way, come hell or high water, to launch his state’s own energy program, to secure enough real and usable energy to make his economy work and bloom.

And that state and that governor would be the model for all other states who have the courage to follow the same path. No matter what.

We might get something like this: “Today, Florida Governor DeSantis announced his crash energy program has taken off like a rocket, and he lashed out at the federal warning that it would intervene and stop the program in its tracks. DeSantis said:

“‘Are the feds really going to invade Florida with troops? That’s what they’re saying. Do they want to see that story splashed all over the news in every country in the world? The federal government kills success in favor of failure. Kills prosperity in favor of poverty.’

“‘Look at what’s happening to California and Oregon under the federal new green deal. Disaster. Absolute disaster. Companies are packing up and leaving. Residents are leaving in droves. Those economies are tanking like lead weights dropped into a lake. And this is supposed to be the positive outcome of the new federal climate legislation.’”

The Constitution enumerated federal powers and left all other powers to the states and the people for a very good reason. For exactly the kind of catastrophe the feds are visiting on us now.

The motley collection of dumb, doltish, and predatory state governors are watching it unfold and helping it unfold. So we need one brave and tough and creative governor to stem the tide.


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Contrary to majority opinion, the Founders didn’t envision the states as mirror images of each other. The whole point of states’ powers was and is the building of an array of quite different states.

Don’t like New Jersey? Move to Nebraska. Don’t like South Carolina? Move to New York. Don’t like New Mexico? Move to Idaho.

Decentralization of power. Decentralization of life. Decentralization of imagination.

And this certainly applies to cities, towns, and villages as well.

“Mayor John Smith of the tiny village, Blue Tiger, in Georgia confirmed recent reports: ‘Yes, we have our own water wheels and river turbines, and we have lots of energy. We’re doing just fine. We’re happy to make appointments with other mayors and private companies. We’ll show them how to produce their own energy. But take notice. Our people also have lots of guns. If anyone thinks they’re going to come in here and stop us, they’re going to face serious trouble. We believe in success, and we’re achieving it. People out there who want failure and poverty see us as a threat. That’s their problem. If they want to fail where they are, that’s all right. But if they insist we fail, too, we’re ready to risk everything to defend what we’ve built…”

You can call that anything you want to. I call it the American spirit.

— Jon Rappoport

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