Have You Any Idea How Your Carbon Footprint 👣 And Your Carbon Wallet Are Really Going To Work In This Dystopian World The WEF Have Planned ?

by Threadsirish, Substack:

Let me introduce you to Barbara Baarsma. Barbara is the CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank. Yes, you read that right. Not Rabo Bank but Rabo Carbon Bank. In this 53 second video interview below she is advocating for a “Personal Carbon Wallet”. That may not seem like a big deal but when you hear what she has to say you should be concerned, very concerned in fact.

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I’ve transcribed the interview as it is in Dutch. It contains critical information. If you prefer to watch the video with subtitles by all means please do so.

“Let’s ensure that every household or every citizen of the Netherlands receives a certain amount of carbon emission rights. This way we can ensure that we do not emit more than our yearly limit. Your emission rights will be stored in a carbon wallet. So if I wanted to fly, I would buy some carbon emission rights from someone who can’t afford to fly. For example this way this poor person can earn some extra money.

Or if someone lives in a small house, he can sell his emission rights to someone who lives in a big house, this way poor people can benefit from the green economy”

Wow. Quite something isn’t it. Let’s pick it apart and then look at how they are probably going to implement it.

You could argue that it’s just another level of taxation which the globalists will take. I think it runs far deeper. When Bankers start using expressions like rights, poor people and green economy you can be sure that they are envisaging a world for the elite. They don’t give a fig about anyone else.

So in its most basic form, you’ll have no fun and won’t be allowed to travel anywhere. But don’t worry the elites will have the fun for you.

This is nothing more than Totalitarianism.

Did I forget to mention that Rabobank and Baarsma are both in the World Economic Forum.



When most people think of carbon emissions and carbon footprints they think it only refers to travel, fuel, gas and electricity all under the guise of emissions. I hate to break it to you but it runs far deeper than that.

Let me now introduce you to Doc Ono, a company you may never have heard of.

Doconomy is a “credit card” endorsed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

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