Root chakra meditation guide

Meditation can be as short or as long as you would like.  Curating your meditation session to your needs and schedule is an excellent way to ritualize your mindfulness experience.  The goal of meditation is to clear your consciousness as much as possible and connect your body and mind through breath work.  Setting your physical environment up before settling into meditation can encourage a deeper session.  Each meditation session can be unique to what is needed during that time.  Setting an intention prior to your meditation creates a healing focus to bring yourself back to.

The Root Chakra

The Muladhara, or root chakra is the first chakra of the energetic system, located at the base of your spine.  This chakra is associated with safety, security and physical well being.  Fear, anxiety, depression and malnutrition are all symptoms of an unbalanced root chakra.  Balancing the root chakra through meditation is a wonderful day to root down and create a deeper connection with your body.  During this mediation specifically, envision yourself rooting down into Mother Earth; as you do, notice the sensation of release and stability.

Your Meditation Space

Before sitting down to meditate, create a space that feels safe, secure and comfortable to you.  Closing the door can set a boundary for your meditation, as well as putting up a screen or even turning your body away from others.  Consider setting a timer for your meditation session to alleviate any anxieties regarding meditating for too short or too long a time.  Although red is the color of the root chakra, a red light may be a bit too abrasive; the soft pink light of a Himalayan salt lamp is an excellent way to bring a warm, welcoming tone to your root chakra meditation session.

Meditating with Healing Stones

Incorporating crystals and healing stones into your meditative practice is another way to amplify the healing energy and set the tone.  Selecting the crystals and healing stones that correspond with your healing intention help to focus the energy.  If meditating while laying down, place your healing stone on or around the base of the spine.  If sitting cross legged, consider placing your healing stone in front of you.  Holding your healing stone or crystal in your hand while meditating is also an option.  Consider coupling two stones which specifically activate the chakra you are working with, or pair your stone with Selenite to amplify the healing energy.

Root Chakra Suggestions:

Apache Tear to assist with the transmutation of dense energies, encourage forgiveness and promote auric protection.

Onyx for overcoming fears, releasing past life energy and stimulating wise decision making.

Nuummite to release energetic cords, heal past life trauma and align the aura and the physical body.

Jet for protection against negative energy, the transmutation of negative energy and helping provide balance to those experiencing mood swings.

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