Liberals Now Think Climate Change Will Cause Cannibalism

climate scare protest

climate scare protest

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain host ‘Off the Wall’ to break down the ‘crazy’ things that Democrats are attributing to climate change, such as mass migration, obesity, rise in heart disease, and now cannibalism.

The F&F hosts break down the Democrats’ climate-change blame game. They start with the obvious: extreme weather.

The Left thinks that if we pass a few bills, we can get our hands on the climate thermostat and prevent all future severe weather.

Except the data doesn’t support claims of increased or more frequent extreme weather. This is what’s known as climate porn: using unfounded fears to push an agenda.

In fact, we’re at an all-time low for human loss when it comes to global disasters, hurricanes, floods, and all-time low-impacts on humanity.

h/t Alan S.

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