(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Agendas Accelerate with Narratives Collapse, Clot Shots/SADS, Diana Sacrifice, and the Truth Shall Set us Free

Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

More insanity, agendas accelerate, and more. Should this be any surprise that policies never change? For one the evil doers are panicking and revealing themselves at a faster rate. The WEF are pushing for more censorship because they fear people are exposing their evil deeds and want to implement a trust score another version of China’s social credit score. Followed by the latest Diana sacrifice. If any good news that came out of all of the insanity are people are waking up to the use of feigned words make merchandise. More recognize they have the power to defend themselves against nutcases and evil doers. Those such as the so-called White Hats can’t claim they are control, when they allow the evil doers to flourish. The battle of good vs evil will continue until Jesus Christ comes back to set things right. Lets find what we can prove to be true, question everything, seek the truth, including about ourselves. Am not perfect and neither are you. From my other posts, including this one, I do what I can to show and tell what’s really going on. Whether or not you chose to review or not, or pass along to others is up to you, don’t take my word for it.


The Mystery of Iniquity in Death of Ann Heche
Will This Be The Worst Its Going To Get?
“We’re here to help you, now get back in that bag”  Number on ambulance 63. Firefighters loading here in the ambulance.  Where are the paramedics?  Where is the oxygen, neck brace and flat board?  Aren’t these all precautions that should have been taken?  Planned Illuminati Sacrifice.  She probably felt like a lot of people do now. “May not make it out of this hospital alive”.

Goddess Diana Rituals and the Death of Anne Heche

Anne Heche Final Moments in “Toxic Skies”…Car Escape, Popping from Body Bags & Restrained
That was an Illuminati Sacrifice in plain sight. Interesting that the shown scene says “1996…3 sixes” and the ambulance she’s whisked away in had “36…3 sixes” on it. Listen to after 30 min. mark on how Christians are deceived to love this world, Trump does this as well, don’t love this world, eyes focused on heaven, harder for a rich man to get to heaven, and more.


Sam Harris says media silence on Hunter Biden scandal was ‘warranted’ to deny Trump the presidency
‘Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared,’ Harris said, adding he was more concerned at not having Donald Trump in the White House.

Look At What They’re Teaching, Look At What They’re Wearing
Sending your children to a Government Indoctrination camp has to be the single worst abuses a parent can inflict. They are indoctrinating them to live in fear, be slaves, follow the ways of the world, eat bugs, own nothing and be happy.

A Country Uses Electronic Harassment Against Citizens Who Speak Out, (Other Countries Aas Well)

Trump made deals with the Devil. He also said his enemy was God, back in 2020. He stated “long after this enemy is gone, this particular enemy is God”.  “You knew I was a snake, before you took me in.”  He’s speaking about deals with his enemies in order to upgrade and supply the military.

Dog Put In Protective Custody After Men Gave It Monkeypox
Just when I thought humans couldn’t get any lower. Leviticus 18:22-25

Monkeypox Vaccine Insanity — Too Many Risks and Now, Liability-Free
Using vaccine “shortages” as an excuse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration arranged a liability shield for the Jynneos monkeypox vaccine by issuing a new Emergency Use Authorization for “fractional doses” using a different mode of administration, and allowing the vaccine’s use in “high risk” children under age 18.  It’s STD’s and Blame everything but the Clot shots, with more clot shots as the solution that suits depopulation agenda.


A Deeper Dive on CDC’s Exit Strategy
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention never had an exit strategy from lockdowns and mandates but they eventually found one — in the form of a heavily footnoted and opaquely written reversal, published by the main bureaucracy responsible for the disaster.

The whole recommendation of children being masked of supposed exposure or positive test is child abuse. Still see the masking with those branch Covidians and buy whatever the authorities and the TV dictate to them as gospel due to debased mind and mass psychosis. You can’t comply your way out of tyranny. Check out “the fall of the cabal series”.  A mandate isn’t a law, consent and contract makes the law. It’s all about compliance and control. Anything that promotes depopulation, control and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  Please check out https://vaxcontrolgroup.com/    as this card that you are participating in a controlled group study. Those such as Spain have used this card to get into the US without a clot shot. The Corporate Death Center long ago lost any and all credibility as one narrative collapses and others take their places. All of these alphabet agencies deserve to be destroyed into a trillion pieces. None of this insanity will end until the majority stop obeying the commandments and doctrines of tyrants. Including the physical removal of all evil doers from society. Ignorance is beyond no defense.

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots
These are self replicating nano-parasites that cause the clotting….including graphene hydroxide & oxide. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

CDC Admits to Botched COVID Response, Announces Overhaul — Critics Say Plan Doesn’t Address ‘Unholy Alliance’ With Pharma
The Centers for Disease Control Wednesday announced a “drastic” overhaul of the agency after admitting to failures in its management of the COVID-19 pandemic. But some critics said the plan isn’t adequate and suggested replacing the agency with a public health model that operates independently from Big Pharma.  Murder Inc’s such as the CDC, other agencies, deserve to be destroyed into a trillions pieces, and the overlords and their minions deserve to be tried for crimes against humanity. A new health system is needed that is decentralized and depoliticized.

UNKNOWN Cause of Death? Our Latest Propaganda!
More are dying from the clot shots, then at the height of the plandemic. It’s blame everything naming it SADS, Monkeypox, etc. but the clot shots. Yet, people are still in denial and refuse to admit they were wrong.  It’s one thing to be afraid to admit they acted rash, and made a poor decision. But denial only causes these types of harmful events to continue.


US FIRST: Most of the food “recalls” during the pandemic are actually foods being diverted to government storage bunkers for the rich and “elite”

Banks refusing Loans to Dutch farmers

Texas Joins 18 States To Oppose Blackrock’s Woke Agenda

Trucker Delivering Baby Formula Watches Pallets Of Formula Get Thrown Out, Destroyed; Shortage…?

Here Is Why 37 Percent Of U.S. Farmers In The Western Half Of The Country Are Killing Their Own Crops

The Price Of Eggs Is Up 47 Percent As Food Costs In The U.S. Spiral Out Of Control

Inflation IS Money Supply Growth, Not Prices Denominated in Money

Will Catastrophic Crop Losses In 2022 Lead To Unprecedented Shortages In 2023?

Tent Cities Are Taking Over Vast Stretches Of Our Major Cities (And It Is Only Going To Get Worse)

The SHTF Is Happening RIGHT NOW

These Are The 10 Biggest Military Spending Nations In The World

Jim Rickards: Biden’s EO 14067 Most Treacherous Act By Any Sitting President; Full Video Link Below
Through Executive Order 14067 President Biden plans to retire the US dollar we know and replace it with a digital “spyware” currency or what Rickard’s  calls “Biden Bucks.” Rickard’s offers free solution to protect your finances in full video; link right below.

“Until We Send Bankers, Central Bankers, Politicians To Prison, It Will Continue”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00oc13B8U2E  https://twitter.com/America1Scotty/status/1561186157182042113

WEF AGENDAS    Klaus and Trump Really?

With Help From WEF, Canada to Launch Federal Digital ID Program
Government officials said the program is “the electronic equivalent of a recognized proof-of-identity document,” such as a driver’s license or passport, which “confirms that ‘you are who you say you are’ in a digital context.”

The Shill Show: Steve Bannon Launches ‘New Financial System’ And Cryptocurrency For ‘Patriots’

Have You Any Idea How Your Carbon Footprint  And Your Carbon Wallet Are Really Going To Work In This Dystopian World The WEF Have Planned ?

They Plan To Take Everything
May their WEF wicked plans fail miserably! Praise Jesus Christ!! Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Luke 8:17 “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

WEF Proposes Globalized Plan to Police Online Content Using Artificial Intelligence
The World Economic Forum this month published an article calling for an online censorship system powered by a combination of artificial and human intelligence that one critic suggested would “globalize” the “search for wrongthink.”

Digital Identity – What’s Your Trust Score?

World Economic Forum Suggests There Are “rational” Reasons to Microchip Your Child
Another pre-cursor to the mark of the beast system. Anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.


Just Talking: WEF/UN ‘Green’ ‘Reset’ Accelerates, Millions Will Not Make It; The Controls Expand
Let the sheep eat the crickets and bugs, let them have their soylent green. I will never consent and never agree. Mass noncompliance and the physical removal of all evil doers in society! Praise Jesus Christ and armor up! May their WEF/Great Reset plans fail miserably!

1,200 Scientists and Professionals Declare: “There is No Climate Emergency”


The Globalist WAR on the Elements of Life – watch the bombshell new mini-documentary HERE

Colorado River on Brink of ‘Catastrophic Collapse’ Brought on by Historic Drought
“Today’s Colorado River projections are … a dire warning for the American West to eliminate rampant corporate water abuse before it’s too late,” said Amanda Starbuck, Food & Water Watch research director, following news the U.S. Department of the Interior ordered Arizona, Nevada and Mexico to draw less water from the river, on which 40 million people rely.  This is all by design and wouldn’t be surprised the evil doers are using frequencies such as the 1968 frequency spectrum chart to absorb the oxygen from the water, thus create mass droughts. Without water, there is no life in our world. In order to end this insanity, we the people have to get control of these weather modification centers that continue destroying our world for the fallen ones. It’s those who give their consent and power to these evil doers are why this insanity continues.

Europe & US, Lakes, Rivers Drying Up, & 1968 Frequency Spectrum Chart explains 1 Possible Reason
Texas Man’s Invention Creates Drinking Water From Air Protect this Man at all Costs. https://twitter.com/CitizenLenz/status/1537635646013001729
Atmospheric Water Generator is manufactured in Manitowoc, WI

Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world

Just talking: Don’t Look up, There Is Nothing To See; My Last Skyshare Video, Includes Other Info

Lake Mead & Marina Water Level Update! Checking the water marks
According to Vegas Dtech, who shows and tells what’s going on the ground, the water level rose two feet following the rainfall. It’s an improvement, but they need much more rain.

‘Biology Trumps Chemicals Every Day,’ Farming Expert Tells RFK, Jr.
“Our farm doesn’t buy any chemical fertilizer. We don’t buy any of that stuff because we are running on biology, and biology trumps the chemicals every day,” Joel Salatin, farmer, author and lecturer, told Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”


New Document Confirms FBI Authored Request for Trump Search Warrant

85 arrested in takedown of international drug smuggling ring; $12.8M in drugs, guns seized


Mom in shower when her kids start screaming about intruder. She grabs her gun, faces him down, and fatally shoots him when he won’t stop advancing.

‘An unprecedented and unjustified attack on the firearm industry’: Smith & Wesson CEO DESTROYS anti-2A politicians

Smith & Wesson pushes back on left-wing, gun-grabbing Democrats with issued statement
The blame are those individuals who intend to carry out massacres and use weapons such as guns to do the killing, not the weapons themselves.


What This Guy Said, NASA & CommieFornia Threatens Private Well Owners

Preach it the Doctor of Common Sense.  Why Are People Getting Upset Over The Truth Being Reported?
They Live is a Documentary…..people live in cognitive dissonance, ignorance, and mass psychosis. They won’t take the time to seek the truth and work on themselves to be better than they are presently.

Armed Federal Agents Intimidate & Fine Amish Farmer for Growing Food Naturally
To help Amos Miller by signing the petition: https://www.rebelnews.com/petition_leave_them_alone
We need more farmers like this and less govt interference and control. Especially over what we put into our bodies and our minds.

Benjamin Fulford — August 16th 2022: This is not an economic or political crisis, it is a crisis of monotheism

FUNNY   How to Keep the FBI Out of Your House (for Patriots)
When JP Sears FBI looked at the yard sign and “ah, cool” and walked away, OMG LOL!!!

Did this just happen?
Joe’s facial expression while handing the pen over is horrible. Creepy Biden belongs at Gitmo’s nursing home.

Goodbye Brian Stelter
Am sorry for your loss Mark Dice. Your impression of him was spot on. Little Brian Stelter is a living breathing meme. RIP Mark’s Brian voice. Maybe they will replace him with someone worthy?

Conservatives mock Brian Stelter after CNN cancels his show Reliable Sources
If anyone deserved the mocking from the years of lies and misinformation it’s Little Potato Head Brian Stelter. RIP Mark Dice’s voice-over of Stelter. Amazing how both Liz Cheney & Stelter get cancelled the same week, good riddens.

You won’t hear about this
This needs to be a commercial on TV!


From all that is being revealed of both good and bad. What makes you think those such as Trump are one of the leaders of the White Hats, supposedly to save humanity from evil doers? He admitted to making deals with the Devil, ask yourself whom does Trump really serve God or the Devil? While in office, Trump looked to the sky and said that he was the chosen one. Including at a rally, Trump was asked about who is the most famous person in the world he said Jesus Christ. Here’s the thing, Jesus never asked to be famous nor love the ways of the world, but keep your eyes fixed on heaven. Very likely that Trump did blaspheme Christ, but again you decide for yourselves. Who knows if the Trump you have and continue seeing is the real or one of many doubles/clones? Question that if you will. While the white/black one hat operation are continuing the same agendas that suit the beast rather than the creator. Not everyone will operate the same as you do, nor will everyone be awake in 5D or whatever. No matter what is or isn’t revealed, you will always have those who are awake, in the middle, don’t care, asleep, ignorant, stupid, insane, or evil. Can’t change those who don’t want to change. It’s true that people seek someone to rule over them. Stop playing these psychological operations white hats/one hat operation and/or the supposed good guy groups. Enough is beyond enough. This has been going on for years, based on your perspective you want this insanity and evil agendas to continue for the next decade, by that point we would be all dead by the time you actually do anything if you claim you are in control. Which means all of those suffering and deaths from all the agendas by the evil doers that you allow to continue and more. The blood is on your hands. Enough with the same talking points, it had be done this way, everything is in control, 80% awakening level, 5D chess, and other BS. Do you really think that we are that stupid, or do you believe that you are morally superior, because you are not by any means whatsoever? More are losing faith and trust in you supposed white hats. Supposedly you seem to have issues infiltrating the US military due to the top leaders being heavily blackmailed & controlled. Don’t you have other Jedi good guy groups that can use their powers and subdue the evil doers at the heads of these organizations and industrial complexes?

No doubt there are real things going on in the battle of good vs evil that none of us can perceive because we aren’t there to tell the tale. What will it take for those of the good guy groups to finally listen to real men and women out there doing what they can in their lives to seek the truth, place faith and trust in God, and prefer dangerous freedoms anyday? Not everyone can operate the same way as you do, so accept that fact. The longer this insanity goes on the worse this gets, so what happened to the supposed 100 years of food stored in the DUMBS, is that a lie on top of lies, the false Nesara/Gesara, and other psychological operations?  All of that relief really should’ve been there for these people so they aren’t going homeless nor hungry, nor in any pain like yesterday. No doubt these evil doers deserve real pain and suffering and more. Playing God ends badly. The fact that the white hats are allowing this insanity to keep going right up to the door of the New World Order should be very concerning of what they get out of this as they plan on dragging this out for years. As they claimed they made all of these arrests, while they have to do more arrests, more tribunals, everything is in control, and don’t want worldwide civil war. Even though the mass riots are all part of the civil war, really?

Don’t you think you have issues within? What about self-accountability, because we are all to blame for so much of what would’ve been as well? What about getting yourselves right with Jesus Christ and declare him as the true Lord and Savior? Have you noticed these Satanists keep mocking and blaspheme Jesus more than any one else? They do so through film, TV, music videos, etc. But of course anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. Bottom line if you supposed good guy groups can’t be upfront, truthful, and loyal to God and the people that you are supposed to liberate from the clutches of the evil doers. Then, it’s game over for humanity. Am beyond angry and tired of playing these games. As far as the MedBeds are concerned there is no telling if the 5D requirement is necessary, unless they have been there and done so, stop playing big know it all BS. When you spread rumors and claim you heard of this and that, everything is in control, but have not shown and told what’s really going on reveals your true colors. Can’t say how disappointed I am in humanity. What happened to living by the truth, including the truth about ourselves? Because there is always another way to resolve what is going on, stop thinking that following orders will save you due to $$, fame, etc. What happened to taking out all of the evil psychopaths, restore our world to follow and obey God, love one another, serve one another, because the truth shall set us free. Everything has to come out the sooner the better, so we can all heal faster, don’t you agree?


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