Sedition #2 of Treazine is ready!

The first issue of my printable zine was so well-received that I’m putting out a second one, this time spiced up with 58 pages of articles, comics, puzzles and all sorts of fun things, and even some stuff that hasn’t been published online yet.

This looks like it’s going to be a regular monthly thing for as long as people stay interested, which I think is great because I’m always trying to get my work into different forms of media to get past the usual online echo chamber walls. The printable zine format is perfect for sharing stuff with less-online people you know, distributing as literature, or just as a good consciousness-expanding sit-down read for yourself online.

You can get Sedition #2 of Treazine by clicking here, which will get you a pay-what-you-feel PDF that you can circulate and/or print in whole or in part in whatever way you like. As usual there are no limits on how my work may be used, reproduced or distributed. Enjoy!

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