(Reader: Hawke) What we know for Real

Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

My following comments are not from a point of attack but more so, let’s be straight about certain things i.e. Fact, True, Actually happening with evidence. I find that many ‘so called’ intel contributors are putting out much ‘info’ which is meant to convince or may you believe…. Well, horse chit is what I say as – The only ‘validity’ & ‘verification’ we know for real – Is that QE2 has been pronounced ‘Dead’ by the MSM. Thats it!

What does this mean? It actually means everything or nothing at all…

So please, forget all this 9/11 linked events towards NE | GE – S a r a. The link to the first ‘Q’ post being 1776 days to when she died Or if she died last Friday then that would be 09th of the 09th Month of the 2022 Year which is FRY-Day being we are Fried with 2x sets of 9’s & 3x sets of 2 meaning 6’s & then a mathematical figure of upside down set of 3 – 9’s being Triple 6’s & There you go – End of Evil…. Well my scrabble playing friends – EVIL will score you ‘7’ points (E is 1 + V is 4 + I is 1 + L is 1) however so does LIVE… Same word, same points…

What I can tell you is that I am here, in London, waiting for the plane carrying the ‘Wax Works’ My damn Two Swords’ fake QE2 body…

Now, the next ’13’ (Thirteen Days) are important.

Let us see how long it takes for King Char|es III to have truth come out regarding his Santa|nic Rit-u-All | Abuse upon children… Let’s see if the ‘Blanco Head Attire Wearing Folks’ will expose the Royal Family & all… No, nothing will happen whilst the BBC puts on this farcial, disgusting insult meant as distraction…

Yes, I can say that if the ‘Blanco Head Attire Wearing’ folks want the World to Wake up – Do a ‘Jimmy Saville’ then Truth Bomb drop everything…. As right now, That’s exactly what is being allowed to be played out… I give you 13 days… You have all the Heads of State for the Funeral & certain after events… This is it

Bring out Lady Diana – Bring out JFK Jnr… Bring the Pain & arrest, sentence & hang them in the Tower or London. If not, ‘You Blanco are really NamCo’ – Ya’all getting played people!!!

Want to wake up more than Sheep – Do it – Prove you are in control as far as I know, Mr D-J-T your head man – Got whisked away from his golfing session still in his Golf Clothes & Golf Shoes when told by the FBI to come with us. Either he walked on his own or was to be handcuffed…. He chose to Walk – See the footage – That I know for Real. He wasn’t all dressed up as protocol when coming off the plane – White Golf Polo & White Golf shoes… So is he a Blanco Head Attire Wearing Leader? I think Blanco Top & Shoes man only…


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