We’re Now Witnessing The Results Of All That Missing Money Hidden By 9/11 Attacks: Sudden And Mysterious Deaths The End Result Of Trillions Funneled Into Black Ops Death Programs

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

With the 21-year anniversary of 911 now in the books, an attack that changed America forever in so many ways, we’ve got to begin this story with a reminder of what happened the day before that fateful day, on September 10th of 2001, before we get into the meat of this new story

With that date of September 10th of 2001 bringing then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the media to disclose his Pentagon was unable to account for roughly $2.3 trillion worth of transactionsas this story over at the City Journal reportedthe next day, the U.S. sustained the terrorist attacks that changed the world, and this startling revelation was forgotten.

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And with that $2.3 trillion NEVER properly accounted for, and even the Washington Post reporting THIS whopper on 9/11: That the hardest hit Pentagon office on 9/11 died in the Resource Services Washington officeThey were accountants and budget analysts — part of the rank and file of the civil service. They kept track of a $3.5 billion budget that funded the Army’s Washington area operations and some installations around the world, this previously mentioned City Journal story also reported that missing Pentagon money had grown to more than $6.5 trillion by 2015, more than $65,000 missing for every living American.

So while in this story we won’t be seeking to find ‘specific answers‘ to that missing money as most of it was likely long ago spent upon the ‘deep state’s medical and terror black op programs,’ such as COVID-19 and the heavily pushed ‘vax program,‘ what we will be doing within the remainder of this story is taking a long look at what we feel are the ‘results‘ of those black ops programs all those trillions of dollars were spent upon, what are now being referred to as massive numbers of ‘previously healthy young people who have died suddenly and unexpectedly‘ as seen and heard in all of the following videos.

With that City-Journal story concluding the Pentagon’s ongoing mismanagement of the public trust—and public dollars—is possibly the greatest silent scandal in America today, we’ll argue in all of the mysterious deaths we’re now witnessing across America and the world of ‘previously healthy young people‘ as seen in these videos are the ‘results‘ of that ‘silent scandal,’ with the Pentagon and ‘deep state‘ using all of that missing money to develop deadly depopulation programs that fit the globalists eugenics agenda.

So first, please check out this “Died Suddenly” – Mega-Compilation, a 40-minute+ video showing us news reports, warnings from families, videos capturing moments of sudden deaths and much more that prove to us something dark and deadly is going on across the planet that wasn’t happening before the arrival of ‘the vax‘. The results of all that missing Pentagon money? Much more below this video.

So, think it’s just a coincidence that SO MANY people are dropping suddenly and mysteriously dead in 2022? We’ve gone ahead and embedded an additional slew of similar videos at the very bottom of this story reporting on similar such mysterious and sudden deaths amongst the previously healthy and young, certainly showing we’re witnessing an ‘exasperating trend‘ if nothing else.

As the website Truth Press reports of one such story, this past week, a very young reporter for a Canadian new station called Global News Regina died suddenly and unexpectedly at his home.

Only 24 years old, the death of Matthew Rodrigopulle was shared by morning show anchor Kimberley Fowler as seen in the 1st video below, and while the station didn’t give a cause of death, as this Truth Press story showed, he was a very vocal advocate of ‘the vax,’ claiming on twitter not long before his death he’d been vaxxed and boosted and suggesting everybody else go out and ‘get their shots and boosters‘ as well.

Global Regina morning show anchor Kimberley Fowler shared the shocking and tragic news of the passing of Matthew Rodrigopulle during a live telecast.

“Before we leave you this morning, we have some sad news to share. This is our first morning back on the air after a member of the global Regina team has passed away,” Fowler announced while shaken up. 

“Our Matthew Rodrigopulle sadly died suddenly yesterday in his home in Regina… And we extend our condolences to his family. Matthew Rodrigopulle will be dearly missed, and we like to sign off in honor of Matthew this morning,” Fowler concluded.

So while the station didn’t provide information into his cause of death, and we’d only be speculating to suggest it was ‘the vaxxes‘ as we certainly didn’t know this person nor his medical history, check out all of the rest of the videos at the bottom of this story reporting upon similar ‘mysterious and sudden deaths among the previously healthy‘ and then please try to explain to us how all of this is somehow ‘normal‘.

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