Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Slams Democrats For Demonizing Trump Voters

Authored by Dorothy Li via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Ex-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Monday criticized Democrats for their unflattering characterization of those voting for former President Donald Trump.

Chris Cuomo at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, on May 16, 2018. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner)

Cuomo, who joined NewsNation in June after being fired by CNN last December, started a Twitter thread by questioning his former employer over a report from that day.

CNN reported on claims that Trump said he wouldn’t leave the White House following the 2020 election. The report is based on a forthcoming book by New York Times reporter and open Trump critic Maggie Haberman.

Does this matter? Yes—in the pursuit of justice, which is happening aggressively by most accounts,” Cuomo said. “However—do Dems win more votes by chasing Trump or catering to hopes and fears of those who were disaffected/desperate enough to vote for him?”

Following the comment, Cuomo responded to a Twitter user who stated that the “‘disaffected’ voter theory” has been debunked.

What are you talking about? It is not a theory…it is a reality I witnessed in countless [interviews] with voters who saw their vote as a rejection of the norm…who knew their guy was deeply flawed but he was their guy and a rejection of what they also saw as malignant in dc,” Cuomo wrote.

Demonizing Trump Supporters

In a separate post, the anchor said he knew many Trump voters who are “very open to reasonable, regular rhetoric.”

When another user suggested that those supporting Trump “happened to be racist and xenophobic,” the TV personality said this demonization could be the reason that those who had supported Trump refused to vote for Democrats.

Some. Not all,” Cuomo wrote. “You are overstating and it hurts your ability to expand reach. [Andrew] Yang says many of [his new] supporters are former trump voters. Why didnt dems get them? Maybe because you demonize all who voted for him.”

Cuomo also responded to a third user claiming Trump supporters “demonize immigrants, Jews, African Americans and anyone who isn’t ‘Christian’ by their standards.”

“I think you need to look more OFF twitter/social media,” he said. “This place is not reality. It is an exaggeration that caters to fringe and those who profit from it.”

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