The COVID-19 Power Grab: “Our Governments are Working to Harm Us”

by Prof. Anthony J. Hall, Global Research:

COVID-19 can be understood as the basis for a power grab implemented by a global financial syndicate whose activities include elaborate and novel forms of criminal manipulation. I base this conclusion on many sources of evidence and interpretation which I introduced and discussed in Part I of this essay.

One of the keys to my analysis presented in this three-part series is drawn from Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer VP with a long history as a successful developer of commercial drugs.

In Part 1 I examined Dr. Yeadon’s succinct explanation of “The COVID Lies” and the objectives he attributes to those behind this weave of purposeful deceptions. See this.


Dr. Yeadon has continued along this road of calling attention to the urgent need for concerted resistance to the juggernaut of “terrifyingly horrible” assaults that continue to be pointed our way. He writes,

“OUR GOVERNMENT IS ACTIVELY WORKING TO HARM US, TO DISMANTLE MODERN SOCIETY & ENSLAVE ALL PEOPLE IN A DIGITALLY CONTROLLED TOTALITARIAN WORLD… I am certain it’s true… I am certain because this all started with a scientific fraud relating to a virus, augmented it with a relentless campaign of fear, imposed measures known to be useless, which wrecked the economy and smashed civil society, then coerced most to accept useless, unnecessary, ineffective and deliberately dangerous injections. Obviously, this is an odious crime. Nothing like it has ever happened.”

Some of the key platforms where  “odious crimes” and “scientific fraud” have been hosted, include

  • the World Health Organization (WHO),
  • the Bill Gates “philanthropies,”
  • the World Economic Forum (WEF),
  • Most of the world’s biggest media cartels,
  • The international pharmaceutical industry, part of the medical profession as well as scholars and academics ,
  • The Pentagon,
  • Western intelligence agencies,
  • Hollywood,
  • The Wellcome Trust,
  • The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund,
  • The private proprietors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
  • The City of London, and the Federal Reserve’s proxy, BlackRock Inc.
  • Formal and informal agents of the Chinese government are sprinkled throughout many of these agencies.

Tens of thousands of government officials (Worldwide) have participated in the activities of the COVID “crime syndicate” whose apex of command and control is situated in the upper echelons of global high finance.

Some of the very few government leaders who did not go along with implementing the COVID narrative have suspiciously died while in office. This fate was visited upon, for instance, the presidents of Haiti, Burundi and Tanzania. See this and this.

In the spring of 2020 Tanzania’s former president, the late John Pombe Mugufuli (Ph.D., Industrial Chemistry), set a pioneering example of non-compliance with the agenda of COVID Officialdom. His sceptical resolve encouraged millions to follow his example. One of Dr. Mugufuli’s acts of resistance to the incursions of the COVID cartel involved his satirical account of the laughable inaccuracies of the WHO’s PCR test.

See this and this.

Dr. Mugufuli explained to his own people that the COVID syndicate then colonizing the Tanzanian health care system was extremely untrustworthy. He explained that the syndicate operated on the basis of fraud disguised as science.

Dr. Mugulfuli attracted international attention with his forensic approach to testing the reliability of the COVID test. When he discovered that the WHO’s diagnostic system found that a goat and a papapya fruit both tested positive for COVID, Dr. Mugufuli did not hold back from announcing his discovery with satirical verve.

The implication of the revelation was that the worldwide COVID care infrastructure was then being speedily constructed on the basis of a foundational fraud.

Reiner Fuellmich took into the realm of jurisprudence the findings of Dr. Mugufuli and other early critics of the PCR system of testing for COVID-19 infection. One of these early critics was Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Fuellmich is one of the leaders in the worldwide coalition of lawyers and scientists who share the intention of proving in court the guilt of prominent members of the COVID crime syndicate. This very accomplished lawyer envisages the culmination of this quest for justice in an event he sometimes pictures as Nuremberg 2.0.

Fuellmich has widely stated his contention, “Its not a Corona Pandemic. It’s a PCR Test Pandemic.”

“And Do Not Tell Me You Didn’t Know. Because Anyone Could Have Known”

Christine Anderson continued along the path of resistance pioneered by Dr. Mugufuli and the Doctors 4 COVID Ethics. An outspoken member of the EU Parliament, Anderson went beyond Dr. Yeadon’s unmasking of the criminal intent behind the COVID power grab.

Anderson first captured international attention in the Spring of 2022 when this EU parliamentarian condemned Justin Trudeau to his face as a “disgrace to any democracy.” See this.

Anderson continued her reflections on the requirements of democracy after predicting that the COVID injection campaign “will become known as the biggest crime ever committed in history on humanity.” See this.

Anderson presented this startling prediction while chairing a EU-related event highlighting the chaos imposed by injection mandates on the aviation industry and especially on pilots. In introducing this subject, Anderson surprised the delegates by shifting focus to collectively address “each and every elected representative of the people in every Western democracy.” She asked, “What have you done”? Anderson then rhetorically answered her own question, asserting,

“You didn’t do your job. And do not tell me you didn’t know. Because anyone could have known. And if you had bothered enough to care about your own people, if you had bothered enough to do your job you should have known. And moreover it is your damn job to know. It is your job to protect the people that you were elected by and that your job is to represent. What have you done?”

Anderson’s criticism is apt and well deserved. Very few elected officials have acted proactively to protect their constituents from injection harm. Why might this be? How much bribery, kickbacks, blackmail and other forms of political skulduggery have been applied by the COVID syndicate in order to bring about such devastating failures of representation when and where it was needed the most?

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