The Storm Landed with Juan O Savin and Josh Reid

I’m very interested in what Juan O Savin says here to James Grundvig and Josh Reid on AMP’s Unrestricted Truths about the degree of military control held by the Senior Executive Service (SES) through their SES Operations and Code.

I’d never heard of the SES before 2018, when AIM4Truth began posting a series of articles and audios about them. The SES is like a paramilitary mafia/union of DC bureaucrats and globalist corporate operatives. It is the abyssal nadir of the Swamp.

According to Douglas Gabriel from AIM4Truth, SES members are basically Crown agents and instruments of the Pilgrims Society, a group who are at the tippy-top of the Globalists – we’re talking about the people who tell Klaus Schwab what to do. These are the people behind Agenda 2030 and the Death Shot, who are commanding the Communist infiltrators in our governments and industries, who are actively destroying our world. 

The Seal of the Senior Executive Service resembles a keystone and the SES describes itself as “The keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.” Q made many references to “the Keystone”, which may be references to the SES.

There are currently over 8,000 members of the SES who cannot be fired and who are working day and night, paid for by our tax dollars to take down the United States of America.

The only way to get rid of SES members is to dissolve the agency, which is something that needs to happen ASAP. 

Gabriel says the Obama Administration put the Senior Executive Service on steroids with Executive Order 13714, creating a “standing army” of 8,156, of whom 7,000 were personally appointed by Obama. The SES pays the best salaries in federal work, with base pay equivalent to that of the Vice President of the United States.

Obama made self-disclosure, even for National Security posts optional. While Trump appointees and employees waited around interminably for their clearances, SES employees didn’t have to complete the disclosure forms normally required for government service – all the better not to scare away any skilled saboteurs from civil service – and note that these appointees cannot be fired.

At about 42 minutes into this video, Juan O Savin starts talking about how the SES has captured the US Government; that they are the Shadow Government, they’re in control of the false flags, they’re in control of Mark Zuckerberg, who Juan says is a fictional “Creation of DARPA…He’s the guy who helped cook your elections with the drop boxes and he’s not even a real person, he’s several people wearing a mask. Think about that!”

Juan says the SES did 9/11 and that, “Those maniacs are going to be known to everybody before it’s all over – and the people they were colluding with.”

Juan predicts an imminent “Cuban-Missile Crisis”-type event that will trigger America’s automated missile defense systems and knock the control of these systems out of the hands of the SES (i.e., the Globalists and the Biden Regime ), because they never got the nuclear codes. The control will automatically switch over to the US Space Command at Cheyenne Mountain and that this will be a good thing, because it will be the beginning of getting our country back.

He says, “At that point, the contest starts to be over, because we can then shut down all of these systems that these monsters have got control of. It goes back to the guys running the Cheyenne Mountain systems.”

He conjectures this potentially crisis event could occur on October 29th, because the day is ruled by Eris, the Goddess of Chaos.



When a detection by satellite occurs and says we are under missile attack, all of the computer systems inside the Senior Executive Service system will scram. And nobody can stop it. Nobody can control it, nobody can unplug it; they haven’t been able to get the codes that control that.

Those systems will default/scram, go into the defense system control of the guys in Cheyenne Mountain, under the 54 Code. And the 1979 Senior Executive Service Operations and Code aren’t gonna be in control.

When President Trump said, ‘Before I’m done, you will know exactly who attacked us and brought these buildings down.’ Those maniacs are going to be known to everybody before it’s all over – and the people they were colluding with.

So, when that happens – and by the way, those guys in SES, those are the ones that have been controlling that, they’re the ones that get to control the false flags, they’re the ones that get to control Zuckerberg, they’re the ones that get to create people, supposedly to manage America, because we’re under terrorist attack, going all the way back into the ’80s and the ’90s and 2001, etc.

That system is the one that’s been attacking America. It’s a captured operation. We’re going to expose that. Those systems are going to scram back into the protective military system.

President Trump created Space Force and Space Force was given security and control over Cheyenne Mountain. Space Force isn’t about Outer Space. It’s about digital space. And we control the digital space through Space Force.

If those systems scram because of an alert – a nuclear alert – they get complete control of everything. At that point, the contest starts to be over, because we can then shut down all of these systems that these monsters have got control of. It goes back to the guys running the Cheyenne Mountain systems.

Though we’ve been under attack, it doesn’t matter if it’s space aliens, Chinese, Russians or people inside the gate. And then, we start to fight back to get control of America.

I believe – in fact, I’ve set a date. It’s completely a guess on my part. Total speculation but I have said it. I’ll own it. I think that date’s October 29th. The goddess of chaos rules once a month, which is the 29th day of the month. She’s one of the Greek pantheon goddesses, the goddess of chaos, who reigns and rules on the 29th day of the month of every single month, 11 months out of the year. Once every four years, she reigns for 23 months, the world number, because we have a leap year.

With that in mind, I don’t know what it’s gonna look like. Just like 9/11 had a date certain, you couldn’t have had 9/11 in the coding on 9/10 or 9/12. It was 9/11, because everything had been built-in for that date.

A good guess – and it’s a total guess – is October 29th. Everything – the vote system. They captured America and by the time we get several weeks into the early voting, with everybody’s eyes on the way that the vote’s being handled and manipulated – especially the Primary votes and all the bullshit there – the reality is that it will be obvious that Americans are looking very, very closely.

I don’t believe that the Biden administration, these belligerents that are running America are gonna be able to pull it off as smoothly as they thought they would and I believe that with the executive order that Biden put in place last year and with all of the Leftist groups that are part of that executive order administering the countdown to the Election, I think they’re gonna have to freeze the Election. They’ll freeze  it 10 days out, there’ll be a contest and all of this and that’s all the point where there’s gonna have to be some overwhelming challenge to take control of America.

Could I be off by a week? A month? Yeah. Do I think I’m off by a year? No. I think if we don’t get in there within a certain period of time, like a bullfight…you have 15 minutes in the Third Round. The alarm goes off 10 minutes in, warning. Because you have to administer the kill shot before 15 minutes is up. Otherwise, the bull wins, walks away. They let it live again.

We have to administer the kill shot within this window and it’s a very short one now, to stop this raging bull that’s ripping apart America from the inside out.

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