The US Planned Destruction of Europe

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 19, 2022


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This is from one of our correspondents in Europe. The correspondent says that the US plans to kill Europe and Russia with one stone.

Here is the link to the Spanish energy crisis ( It demonstrates mechanics of the destruction of the European manufacturing industries due to the increase in oil prices. It shows the correlation of increasing energy prices and the sales prices of the products. You can see that after such a rise in price there is no practical possibility for the EU industries to operate. The following summary table provides a list of the industries that the authors believe will be impacted the most by the energy price rise.

Also the latest BP report shows the picture of consumption of various forms of energy (

The importance of renewable energy is growing but too slowly to be an immediate solution. It is vitally important that the renewable energy is price be competitive with oil, natural gas and coal. You cannot plan to abandon our present sources of energy before the replacement is ready.

There seems to be no recognition of this fact. In addition you need the old sources as a backup for when the wind or solar panels do not have the wind and sun during particular periods. You cannot necessarily rely on the roll out of renewable energy at the same rate of the development of coal, oil and natural gas. It is anticipated that the present generation renewable power installations rate will be lower and slower than anticipated.

It also requires the additional volume of transition surpluses in order to move the energy from one region to another as the available sunlight and wind varies with the weather.

We see the US has enough oil, natural gas and coal to weather the storm of Russian sanctions but not Europe. We must draw the conclusion that the US following the Mackinder theories which is the only basis for the US hysterical support of the thoroughly corrupt and rotten National Socialist [redacted] Government and that it desires to see Europe destroyed as a competitor in their new re-industrialization program such as the relocation of all chip manufacturing to Texas and other parts of the United States. All military procurement will be centered in the US to guarantee just in time delivery in the event the US loses control of the sea and air. In other words, the US desires to kill two birds with one stone: Europe and Russia.

At this point here is the interesting Sweden article (Chockerande dokumentet: Så planerade USA kriget och energikrisen i Europa

Summary of article:

A Swedish newspaper has published a document on the US strategy to destroy the EU economy. The shocking document describes how the US planned the [redacted] war and the energy crisis in Europe,” writes Nya Dagbladet. We are talking about a leak of information from the RAND analytical center close to the US government. The document states that the aggressive foreign policy that the west was pursuing in the [redacted]forced Russia to intervene militarily. Washington’s goal was to declare Russia an aggressor and introduce a long-prepared package of additional sanctions which has been accomplished. In this scenario, the EU economy will “inevitably collapse,” the document says. And as a result, resources in the amount of up to nine trillion dollars may flow from Europe to the United States, and well-educated European youth will be forced to emigrate to the US. The main goal is to divide Europe, especially Germany and Russia, and to destroy the European economy, forcing the useful idiots in politics to stop the supply of Russian energy resources to the continent. This is the US master plan.

David Lifschultz


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