Hundreds Of Workers Left Twitter In The Weeks Following Elon Musk’s Meeting With Employees

If you’re interesting in knowing how the snowflakes employees at Twitter have been handling the Elon Musk takeover drama over the last few months, the answer appears to be….not well. 

While the drama of the Twitter vs. Elon Musk trial continues to play out in Delaware Chancery Court, a new report dropped this weekend that “hundreds” of Twitter employees have reportedly left the company since June, about the time that the Musk drama began to hit a fever pitch. 

June marked the point in the saga where Elon Musk, two months after he announced his plans to acquire the company, spoke directly to employees, according to Insider. Topics at the meeting included everything from aliens to potential layoffs, the report says.

The meeting did “little to reassure workers”, people with knowledge of the matter told Insider. Sources said that “around 100 workers” left Twitter in the weeks that followed the meeting, which was done virtually. 

Twitter had already been in a “chaotic state” since Musk’s deal to buy the company was made official in April, we wrote back in June. 

Attrition from the company accelerated after Elon Musk and Twitter began the legal war they are currently in the midst of, the report says. The business saw a “net loss of more than 700 full-time staff”, the report says. 

A spokesperson for Twitter said that the company had already expected an increased level of attrition due to macroeconomic factors, according to a Wednesday morning Bloomberg wrap-up of the news. 

Recall, we wrote just weeks ago that under a recent court order, Twitter is now required to provide Elon Musk with access to documents compiled by a former executive that Musk says is a key figure in calculating the number of fake accounts that permeate the platform. 

Twitter is expected to depose Elon Musk next week in the ongoing trial. 

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