Today’s Horoscopes Thursday 22nd September 2022

The Moon in Leo opposes prudent Saturn in Aquarius, so we might prefer to spend time alone rather than socialize.

It’s also possible that someone could appear a tad distant. We shouldn’t take it personally as they may be back to normal tomorrow. For your FREE Daily Horoscope Thursday 22nd September 2022 please see below…

Horoscopes Thursday 22nd September 2022

Aries 21 March – 20 April

With stubborn energies on the go, you could hold out for what you want, but it might be your loss in the end. Edgy lunar ties with Uranus and Saturn, may make it harder to find a compromise that is suitable, but it is possible. You’ll do best when you’re ready to meet others halfway and can be flexible. You might have a few non-negotiable issues, but are they worth arguing over, Aries?

Taurus 21 April – 21 May

The realization that this is the time to let something go, may intensify over coming days. And with the Moon making awkward angles, this could be the start of a whole new phase. But first it helps to consciously tackle any blocks. Where do you continuously find yourself coming up short? This might be down to stuck emotions which one released, leave you free to succeed, Taurus.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to taking on board a challenge? The question is not so much whether you can do it, but why you hold yourself back? A powerful line-up suggests that accepting this opportunity could be character building, as it will encourage personal growth. Once you have overcome any reservations, you’ll realize you had it in you all along.

Cancer 22 June – 23 July

Need something to get you going? A focus on the sign of Virgo, could inspire you to look further afield for ways to enjoy a pick-me-up. Perhaps an exotic herbal tea with extra zest or a new recipe using ingredients that you haven’t sampled, can do it. You might even be drawn to a self-improvement book that combines wisdom with ways to keep fit, happy and energized, Cancer.

Leo 24 July – 23 August

Who do you believe most? You may be surrounded by people whose opinions contradict each other. Some might downplay your chances of success, while others could be talking up all your good points, leaving you eager and willing to challenge yourself. Trust your abilities and past experience. You need a breakthrough, and it will only come by diving in and having a go.

Virgo 24 August – 23 September

The Moon’s awkward angle with Uranus and Saturn, encourages you not to keep pushing for a result and driving your stress levels up in the process. You need to work smarter Virgo, and that involves knowing when to stop and take a break. Today may be one of those days when less is more. Taking time out to refill your creative well and relax your mind, could work wonders.

Libra 24 September – 23 October

This is one of those times when you’ll need to be sociable, but might not feel like it. You may have other things on your mind that make small talk something to avoid. If you’re caught in a situation that’s playing on your mind, then a chat may be the answer. It needs to be with someone you trust, and with whom you can share your deepest fears. Doing so could be freeing!

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

The coming days may involve some intense conversations, that could be make or break. If you have dithered over a decision or wondered if you’re doing the right thing, you’ll be ready to do what it takes to find closure. If it means a little tough love or moving on from a difficult situation, you’ll be ready. And once done, you might wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, Scorpio.

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

Finding it hard to break out of a difficult situation? If so, it might help to take a philosophical approach to sorting this out, Archer. The Moon in a far-reaching zone, highlights the awkward angle between Saturn and Uranus. This influence suggests that viewing your problem from a fresh perspective can help you see solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

You love a challenge, but if there’s one matter running in the background that’s hard to crack, you might be at your wits end. Today’s line-up highlights the potential for letting it all go. The issue may not vanish, but your horoscope suggests that your attitude to it can change, and it’s this that will make all the difference. You’ll have an easier and lighter association with it, that might help it resolve itself.

Aquarius 21 January – 19 February

You may feel you’re pitted against other people, and this includes family members. But with the Moon in your relationship zone, you might decide to air any grievances by letting them know how you feel. At the very least, it can leave you feeling better, Aquarius. As Mercury retro aligns with the Sun though, take care with travel and financial arrangements to avoid disappointment.

Pisces 20 February – 20 March

You could find yourself thinking about a friend and wondering how they are, Pisces. If so, the cosmos positively encourages you to connect, and to do so soon. If you’ve missed the chance for an evening filled with conversation that allows both of you to bare your soul and feel better for it, then reaching out to them now, can prove a very positive experience for both of you.

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