Newsmax’s Bolling: ‘Alleged American’ Tucker Carlson Fueling Putin Propaganda

Newsmax TV host Eric Bolling said Monday on his show “The Balance” that FNC host Tucker Carlson is an “alleged American” over his coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bolling said, “I’m going to give you a disclaimer, folks, before you come at me all over this, I am very worried about a world war, a nuclear World War III where nobody wins. So when I see a fellow conservative making statements that could incite a world war, a nuclear war. I have to call him out.”

He continued, “When I see our arch enemy Russia and the sociopath Putin using that same conservative as propaganda, you should know about it and maybe get to him and tell him to stand down because, in all things, nuclear caution upfront is the best way to avoid total annihilation at the back side of these issues.”

He added, “Turns out Russia’s state media are using clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to support Vladimir Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine. Look at that right there. That is Russian state media using Tucker Carlson, alleged American as propaganda to make their case that Russia is the victim, not the aggressor.”

Bolling concluded, “Last Thursday, Tucker Carlson again blamed Ukraine for starting the war. And he continues to claim America should cut off all funds and military support to Ukraine.”

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