Juan O Savin with Nicholas Veniamin COG, 10 Days of Darkeness

Juan O Savin joins Nicholas Veniamin to discuss his own speculative timeline for upcoming events:

• October 8th: We will see the beginnings of the drive to remove Biden from office – led by Democrats, no less.

• Kamala will then be declared ineligible to be President, due to citizenship issues and she will be removed from the line of succession.

• As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is third in line and she will be declared President. Juan suspects that her nephew, Gavin Newsom may be appointed by her and/or the DNC to be the Vice-President.

• Trump will be put under house arrest and charged with sedition/insurrection by the January 6th Committee sometime in the first half of October.

• Once Biden is removed and Trump is arrested in the third or fourth week of October, the elections will be delayed by a month or more, leading to social unrest in the cities, whereupon, “The military will be deployed to stop a civil war in America”.

• The Deep State members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) bureaucrats, who are associated with the US’ Continuity of Government plans are in conflict, behind the scenes with the military members of NORTHCOM/NORAD/Space Force, located at the underground base at Cheyenne Mountain, which has been sealed shut since March of 2020 with the announcement of the COVID pandemic, which Trump went on to describe as an “attack” on the US numerous times.

• If the US mainland were to come under missile attack, all military and government agency communications would be automatically rerouted to Cheyenne Mountain (even and including all SES communications)… effectively putting Cheyenne mountain/NORAD in charge. Our country would then be under military occupation.

• October 29th is Juan’s guess of the date referred to by Q followers as the beginning of the “10 days of darkness”, involving the shutdown of all US communications (TVs, cellphones etc) and military occupation.

• There will be no election on November 8th.

Their interview is cut short at this point, when Juan realizes he’s missed his plane.

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