Letter to the Editor: My Sister Died Within 8 Months of Taking a Booster Dose and So Many Things Just Don’t Add Up

A reader, Jane Smith, writes of her journey to try to discover the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death.  Her sister died within 8 months after having a third dose of a Covid “vaccine” – the cause of death was a blood clot in her lung.

We sympathise with Jane’s loss and we pray she will find the answers she needs and these will bring comfort.   Although the circumstances are distressing and we wish they were different, we cannot ignore Jane’s tenacity and determination as she investigates what, exactly, happened to her sister – Jane is an inspiration. We hope other readers feel emboldened and empowered by her story.

To The Exposé,

My sister died of a blood clot in the lung after Covid Vaccines

I read your article re: ‘Letter to the Editor: ‘Who in The UK Will Perform Autopsies for Suspected Vaccine Victims?, and thought I’d email you my devastating situation where my sister died of suspected adverse Covid vaccine effects.

I found out my sister died on 14/7/2022 and was automatically concerned that she may have had any of the Covid vaccines, as we had lost contact for some years.  My mother suffered severe strokes in May 2012 and refused to have any of the Covid vaccines, as she’s okay with just the flu jabs and is relatively fine, under the circumstances. I have also refused the Covid vaccines. With my mother having had the strokes, I listened to my gut instincts.

I initially spoke to the Coroner’s Office who indicated that my sister was due to have a dressing removed as she was diagnosed with skin cancer in May 2022. When she didn’t arrive at the hospital, they contacted the police. When they arrived at her house, they discovered she had collapsed and died there. My sister’s death was down to a blood clot in her lung.

I mentioned that the blood clot in the lung may have resulted from the Covid vaccines. But the GP stated that any blood clots would be in the brain if it were a result of the Covid vaccines.

I talked to my sister’s neighbour and she said that my sister had said the skin cancer “came back.” But it was only diagnosed in May 2022. So, it is puzzling. The GP’s response was that my sister was treated by a plastic surgeon and had an operation to remove a piece of skin on her head.

I asked the Coroner’s Office if there were any adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines involved in my sister’s death. The response was that there wasn’t any indication. I asked for an inquest, which was refused; I was advised to seek legal advice and to appeal within 3 months from the date of death.

I have had to put my sister’s death registration on hold as the death certificate may have the wrong cause of death; indications were that it was due to “natural causes.”  I have also had to delay my sister’s funeral.

I had an appointment to speak with my sister’s GP about my concerns, who had the practice manager in with us.  The meeting was far from constructive as the GP was very defensive and evasive.  He ended up declaring that: as I was not down as next-of-kin – even though I produced my ID showing that my surname is the same as my sister’s maiden name, as it’s our family name – they blocked me from voicing my concerns. I had to conclude by asking if my sister had any of the Covid vaccines. The GP straight away stated that he didn’t administer any. I emphasised that it’s not who did, but if any were given: which ones and what dates.  I discovered my sister had the following Covid vaccines:

  • 1st Covid Vax – A/Z 1st April 2021
  • 2nd Covid Vax – A/Z 3rd June 2021
  • 3rd Covid Vax – Pfizer 1st Dec 2021

I mentioned the hospital had contacted the police as my sister didn’t arrive for her appointment to have her dressing removed. The response was that with any appointment missed there are concerns for the patient.

Yet when I spoke to a friend, she stated that it’s not usual for the police to be contacted through missed appointments unless there were underlying health issues – my thinking then is whether they knew my sister had the Covid vaccines and were concerned as to if/how they affected her.

So many things don’t add up. The way professionals have dealt with everything is beyond any NHS standards, especially when someone has died through circumstances needing a post-mortem.

Yours Sincerely,

Jane Smith, UK

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