Wait! Did ancient builders hide secret symbols all over this temple?

In this 1300 Year Old Temple, the large statues may have been built as a mere distraction. Were secret codes hidden in this temple, in the form of fish? Did ancient builders construct this temple for a scientific reason? Were they studying and documenting fish? Do these hidden carvings have a deeper meaning?

Hey guys, today I am going to show you some secret carvings that are hiding in plain sight. What do you see? Do you see a fish? Our eyes are naturally attracted to the pillars and the giant doorway, but if we look at this wall here.. we can see a fish carved on the wall. Why is it carved here? What could possibly be the reason for this?

The fish is not carved with great details, or polished, it is specifically carved vaguely so it is not visible to casual visitors. However, when we inspect it closely, it appears to be a fancy, ornamental fish, look at how many fins are shown, including the tail fin. Why did ancient builders carve it here? Is it some kind of a symbol or signal, but why is it carved in a place where nobody will look?

Here you can this beautiful monolithic pillar, and you can be easily be mesmerized by the details on the warriors, but 99% of the visitors will miss this pair of kissing fish. Why are they carved here? Look at the details on these fish, they are simply fantastic. But why would they be placed 20 feet above the ground, in a place where nobody is looking? What is the meaning of this?

I am zooming in with my phone, look at the tail, this is a pair of exotic fish, this carving is too pretty to be placed at such a height . What is the need to carve fishes all over the temple in this way? And why did ancient builders place them in a way that people will not notice these fish?

Look at this one, but you are probably not even seeing it now, because you are only human. The fish are actually right there in front of you, but 99% of people will take a good look at this, but will completely miss these fish. It seems as though the ancient builders were masters of hiding things in plain sight by exploiting basic human tendencies.

Now, forget about documenting the symbolism or finding the meaning behind them, It is impossible even to find all the hidden fish carvings. How can anyone possibly expect a visitor to observe this fish. I have visited this temple so many times, that’s why you see me in so many different outfits in the same temple. I have even grown a beard now, But everytime I come here, I will find more and more fish carvings. A lot of them are hidden in dark corners. Why are there so many ? There must be some reason for this, right?

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