Masters Blasts Kelly for ‘Pretending’ to Care About Fentanyl Crisis

Trump endorsed Senate candidate Blake Masters tore into Mark Kelly for “pretending” to care about the fentanyl crisis right before the election after years of inaction.

“Mark Kelly just two days ago announced some new fentanyl bill he’s trying to run in the Congress, It’s performative, he didn’t do anything for the first 22 months and now … three days before our debate, one month before Election Day, now Mark Kelly pretends to get serious about fentanyl,” the Republican candidate remarked during an interview with Fox News.

“It’s killing our kids here in Arizona, he’s not keeping our people safe. I will. We’re going to secure this border,” Masters added. The Trump-endorsed Senate candidate also said that he finds Biden and Kelly’s inaction on the crisis “unforgivable.”

Masters also discussed his upcoming debate with Mark Kelly during the Fox News interview, saying “He’s going to lie about me, he’s going to lie about his own record, all I have to do is tell the truth, which is that Mark Kelly pretended he’d be a moderate.”

“Then he gets to DC and he’s voting in lockstep with the Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer agenda. Turns out people don’t like that,” the Trump-endorsed Senate candidate added. “If I just tell the truth I’m going to crush him in this debate,” Masters concluded.

Kelly, who has concerning business ties to China, has voted in line with Biden 94 percent of the time and has voted in line with Chuck Schumer 96 percent of the time despite campaigning as a moderate.

Masters recently released an advertisement criticizing Kelly for repeatedly voting against border security, which has enabled the fentanyl crisis.

Blake Masters has been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council.

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