Kanye West: ‘Trump’s the Sh-t’ – He Has His Own Buildings

Kanye West said Thursday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that he liked Donald Trump.

West said, “It was wild that I didn’t know how close my own wife was to the Clintons. I didn’t know, you know, I didn’t realize it at the time.”

Carlson said, “You are married to her.”

West said, “And while I was married to her.”

Carlson said, “How close was she to the Clintons?”

West said, “A cell phone away or hey, tell Ye to say this away.”

Carlson said, “Do you feel at times you were manipulated by political forces through your wife?”

West said, “Attempted manipulation. But yes, there was manipulation. Like me, not saying I liked Trump was a form of manipulation.”

Carlson said, “For sure. Why did you like him, by the way? You said you liked him early.”

West said, “I keep telling this joke. If people keep saying he was the first black president, I’m going to be the first Latino president because all the values, the conservative values, just line up. Come on, man, Trump’s the sh-t. What do you mean he has his own buildings? What are you talking about? He’s like Ralph Lauren. He made Ivanka.”

Carlson said, “You Like Ivanka.”

West said, “Yeah.”

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