Stuff paranormal investigators need to know | Strange Encounters Downunder

Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know In this episode Sheryl and Ben have a round table discussion with Australian paranormal researcher, Sarah Chumacero, about how paranormal investigators approach investigations.

This includes a continuous self-education across many fields including psychology and how our mind works, helpful when it comes to interpreting what we see, feel, smell etc. via our sensory organs and how that data is processed or becomes entangled resulting in misidentification. We discuss the emotional drivers behind the search for the paranormal and how this affects our experiences and world view; some of the physical conditions that create a misinterpretation of our experiences; guarding against an overemphasis on the scientific approach which can crate cracks in our thinking allowing genuine paranormal experiences to slip through….and a whole lot more.


Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know by Sarah Chumacero is available on Amazon or via her LLIFS blog at…

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