Ashli Babbitt Shooting Secrets – Judicial Watch SUES!

Tom Fitton comments, “Judicial Watch uncovered information that Ashli Babbitt shooter Lt. Byrd immediately after the shooting was housed at Joint Base Andrews. Why was he on a military base? Why was the military getting involved in a police shooting?”

“If you’re in the wrong political class if you’re the wrong if you support the wrong politician they don’t care if you get shot in an unlawful manner and killed by a police officer. That’s the Left today.

“The only person [shot to death] on January 6th was an unarmed veteran, Ashli Babbitt. She was shot by a Capitol Hill Police officer who, in theory works for Congress and the US Government and it was a needless shooting Judicial Watch was has taken the leadership in exposing the truth about the Ashli Babbitt shooting…

“[Byrd] didn’t issue a report or create a report about the shooting, so evidence is missing. He’s not cooperating… Judicial Watch has been relentless in getting information… The Justice Department refuses to do anything. The US Capitol Police refuses to do anything.

“I mean that’s that’s the real danger; that the shooting took place this police shooting and we’re all supposed to pretend it was good. I mean, when you see the left talk about Ashli Babbitt, they celebrate her homicide. A police officer shooting into a crowd, as if that happens every day. Insanity!…

“As I said our investigation has been wide and deep on this and we uncovered information and this is just shocking, that Lieutenant Byrd, after he shot Babbitt, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting he was housed at Joint Base Andrews…which is a military base.

“What was he doing on a military base? Why was the military getting involved in a police shooting? And we asked for records from the agencies involved; both the Defense Department and the Justice Department and they haven’t responded.

“Now, they could say, ‘Hey, Judicial Watch, your information’s wrong! We don’t have any records he was there!’

“Instead, they’ve ignored their requests and they haven’t responded so we sued. We sued the Pentagon and the US Justice Department for records about his housing at Andrews Air Force Base…

“By the way, at the time he was being housed there, no one knew who the shooter of Ashli Babbitt was. There was a secrecy – extraordinary secrecy – imagine any other police shooting!

“I can’t imagine any other police shooting where the name of the officer would be hidden for months until Byrd decides to release his own name in a friendly interview, I think it was with NBC News.

“So, for all the January 6th noise you hear, it’s only Judicial Watch that’s figured out that it looks like our military had housed the police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt, in a secretive way.

“And of course, in addition to all of that – and we’ve now filed a big Federal FOIA lawsuit over it, we still have pending, the lawsuit against the Pelosi Congress over the videos and the emails from January 6th that her police department and the oversight body in Congress has concerning January 6th.

“14,000 hours of videos that have yet to be released under the law, here and at least 270 emails. What is Nancy Pelosi hiding about January 6th?

“This same the Pelosi rump January 6th committee is going around harassing American citizens, taking their phone records, leaking their texts, while hiding all of their emails! The Pelosi Congress hiding all their emails, hiding all the videos from that day.

“Supposedly, it was the worst day in American history, like 9/11 and they don’t want to release one email about it or one video about it.

“So, the Federal Court is considering our our lawsuit for those records. They haven’t ruled. And just as a reminder: Nancy Pelosi thinks – her Congress thinks and of course, this is Schumer involved, as well – that they have Sovereign Immunity, meaning that no one can sue them.

“You lawyers know what I mean by Sovereign Immunity. It means that you only can sue people, as this is my understanding as a non-lawyer, that you only can sue a government agency or a body, such as Congress if the law allows you to. Meaning, the Congress has passed a law that allows itself to be subject to the suit.

“And there is a law, it’s called the Common Law. It’s been recognized it, goes back before The Constitution and it’s the Common Law Right that the public has to information from the government. And on top of saying that we have no right to even sue, they say even if we had a right to sue, these records aren’t important enough for the public to see them.

“That’s the way Pelosi is playing shell games with the January 6th Congressional documents – again, by her police force. So they’re protecting the shooter of Ashli Babbitt and they’re hiding records about January 6th that could elucidate what happened that day; why there was no security or so little security…as to actually encourage the disturbance that happened on January 6th

“So I just I just love that Judicial Watch is taking the lead, here. And again, it’s wonderful we are but isn’t it concerning that we’re alone in pursuing this? That we’re the only ones doing the heavy lifting in that regard? Unbelievable!

“So I’ll let you know what happens, what information we get about the information we have, that Lieutenant Byrd was housed at Joint Base Andrews; housed by the Military in the aftermath of the shooting…

“I’m going to share the quote [that I wrote]:

“This is a rather extraordinary January 6th cover-up of why the Defense Department was involved with the aftermath of the improper police killing of an unarmed woman and a veteran and this lawsuit aims to get out that cover-up.

“So, in many ways it’s a super important lawsuit uh that it’s a it’s really outrageous that Judicial Watch is the only one trying to track information like this down.”

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