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All my weekend company is gone, and I have to say it was nice (and a bit of a relief) to see Catherine Fitts again and to record her third quarter Solari wrap up.  It was a relief because… well, there are just some people one looks to for a kind of reassurance of stability, and that no matter how screwy the leadership is, some things, and some people, are just irrelevant. To  quote Ms. Fitts from last Sunday’s recording session, “Biden is just irrelevant.” Bottomless corruption and stupidity will do that, even to (alleged) presidents. What’s not irrelevant, however, is that attack on the bridge built across the Kerch straits, connecting the Crimea to mainland Russia.


We all know the narrative by now: allegedly a Syrian driver with connections to some fundamentalist Islamic group drove a fertilizer bomb onto the bridge, with the Ukrainian intelligence services allegedly cheering him on, and blew up the bomb, just as a freight train carrying diesel fuel was passing on the railroad span, and knocking two sections of two lanes into the water, leaving two lanes (or in some versions, one lane) of the road bridge traversable. Later the railroad span was reopened. Adding to the mystery of the whole affair, the Ukrainian government supposedly released postage stamps depicting the event within a few hours of the attack, making it appear rather obvious that it had something to do with planning the attack. And with Syrians with Islamicist connections allegedly involved, one might as well connect the dots all the way to the US intelligence community, and the McCain faction thereof.  Oh, and by the way, the bomb was allegedly an ANFO (or ammonia nitrate fuel oil) bomb, but just in case you’re getting confused about which bombing we’re talking about, this driver was not arrested after the incident for speeding down the roadway in a car with no license tags, and his name is not Thomas McVeigh, and no, I continue to have difficulty believing that an ANFO bomb can bring down cantilevered buildings with concrete columns reinforced by rebar, just as I have similar difficulties that such a bomb might have collapsed the two sections of the Kerch bridge. Unlike Oklahoma City and its bomb, the amount of “sootification” that resulted from the explosion, particularly on the passing freight train, appears commensurate with what an ANFO bomb would leave.

It’s probably speculations and musings like that that are leading some in the alternative media to question the ANFO bomb narrative already, according to this article shared by K.M. and M.B.:

Did The ‘Rods of God’ Strike the Kerch Bridge?

The first thing to note is that the story of the truck bomb appears to have originated with the American propatainment media:

Over the weekend, the Washington Post and Forbes pumped out gross misinformation that a truck bomb blew up the bridge section, à la the false flag attacks that occurred under the World Trade Center in 1993 and outside the Murrah building in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. But, operationally, the forensic evidence shows that was not the case with the $3.6 billion, 12-mile-long Kerch Strait Bridge. Constructed from 2015 to 2018, connecting annexed Crimea with mainland Russia, the dual-purpose bridge, designed with the latest high-tech surveillance and security measures, appeared invincible from a typical lone wolf or terrorist attack.

Well, the problem with this is that there does appear to be a video of a truck blowing up, and I have no difficulty believing that, but let me explain why: if you’re at all familiar with the Oklahoma City bombing, the truck bomb that allegedly accomplished the destruction of the building simply could not have done so, since there was a fractured column in the second row of columns behind the front row of columns that also collapsed.  Such a thing simply could not have happened because the physics doesn’t support it. The brissance of the explosion would have fallen off far too quickly, and been incapable of fracturing that column.

In short, the OKC ANFO bomb was a diversion from the demolition charges inside the building.  Is this beginning to sound a bit familiar and 9/11-ish?

So what did bring the Kerch Bridge roadway sections down? and who’s  responsible? I don’t think the Russians would do it, for the simple reason that I also don’t think that they would blow up their own pipeline. Besides, they didn’t have to blow up their own pipelines; they could have simply turned them off. They might be capable of a false flag operation blowing up their own bridge, provided (1) they leave the bridge in a repairable condition (which it appears to be) and (2) provided they leave enough of it function to provide some minimum of traffic and supply back and forth between the mainland and the peninsula (which also appears to have occurred). But what the Russians probably could not do was coordinate all of that with the issuance of Ukrainian postage stamps hours later depicting and commemorating the event.

Which still leaves us with the “whodunnit” question. Given the modum explosionis of Oklahoma City and even the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, not to mention 9/11 itself, it seems reasonable to conclude that one is looking at an obvious signature of the globalist factions of western intelligence. The explosion was designed to mask the use of the real method that brought the spans down.

Enter the “rod of God” as the modum explosionis:

Other online researchers suggested the blast was a result of a boat bomb. That, too, serves as a red herring, a misleading explanation. Two different bridge spans—railway and highway—built at two different elevations, separated by some 80 feet apart, were not hit by a bomb from either a single vehicle or watercraft. For the latter, none of the concrete bridge piers on either viaduct suffered damage.

These facts rule out both a truck bomb and a boat bomb; as such, they also eliminate the Ukraine Special Forces Service from being involved in the bridge strike.

So, what armaments exploded on the two parallel spans?

If neither the sea nor the land caused the blasts, then only an attack from the air can explain what took place.

As seen in the image below, the photograph taken after the attack discount the truck or boat bomb theories—especially when the aerial photo shows the hallmark of a few surgical strikes from the air. The blasts were so precise and well-timed that they blew up a chemical train in two different places on the railway span, with another strike on the highway bridge below.

Or to put this argument a bit differently perhaps, it is the fact that the middle roadway span did not collapse, nor appears to have sustained any collateral damage similar to that seen on the railroad span, which was also damaged along with the collapsed roadway, that is the mystery.

The article then links a video from someone describing himself or herself as Nikola 3 @ ronin19217435 which appears to show a “something” hitting the bridge from the sky. A “rod of God”:

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