Colombia: Teacher Fired over Sexy Instagram Posts

A teacher from Colombia has reportedly been fired for posting sexy photos of herself on her Instagram profile.

Yeimmy Ilias Isaza of Barranquilla, Colombia, has garnered over 393,000 Instagram followers over the years mostly due to her sultry photos that often feature her in a bikini or a revealing dress. When administrators for the school at which Yeimmy worked discovered the account, they fired her immediately.

“School chiefs were said to be appalled after seeing her risque pictures of her in teeny bikinis and skin-tight dresses,” reported the Sun. “They reportedly said the image she projected ‘was not consistent’ with that of her workplace.”

Yeimmy’s followers expressed outrage over the firing.

“What a beauty! Don’t pay attention to those who criticize just to criticize,” one follower wrote.

“I think envy is one of the greatest evils of our time,” said another.

No reports have indicated that Yeimmy displayed inappropriate behavior or images in front of the students, sparking a debate as to when a teacher’s online presence conflicts with the demands of her work. As the Sun profiled, several teachers with spicy social media accounts have faced similar troubles:

We previously told how a woman said she was body-shamed for years and fired from two jobs as her figure was “too sexy”.

Nina Osegueda told how her assets are deemed “inappropriate” even when she’s sporting normal office wear.

Courtney Tillia, 36, swapped the classroom for adult content – but still uses her former role to fulfill her subscribers’ fantasies.

Despite the firing, Yeimmy told local media that she has already found another job and is doing rather “well” since the firing. She also gained thousands more followers.

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