Veterinarian shreds the whole pet vaccination program as a sham

 Veterinarian Dr. John Robb Shreds the Whole Pet Vaccination Program Sham! People Aren’t the Only Ones Being Harmed By Vaccines..

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Humans aren’t the only ones being murdered by vaccines, this is a sad reality of an incredibly overlooked aspect of Big Pharm’s money making machine.
On a personal note, I have 2 new cats, one will never be jabbed and the other one was a rescue so he was given one jab. 4 of my previous cats before these 2 all had hyperthyroid and all were vaccinated. The vet said it was normal – [email protected]! Many peoples pets now have things like allergies, arthritis, cancer, etc that you rarely saw in the past. Big Pharma KILLS to make money…

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Article: Veterinarian speaks out, presents decades of research linking pet deaths to over-vaccinations

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Dr Jones shares new research on the animal de-wormer Ivermectin, for cancer. Suggested doses and Cancer regimens are discussed.

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FYI WARNING : The latest flu vaccine / booster scheduled for release in Autumn 2022 contains mRNA for producing three variants of spike protein + the flu vaccine combined into one shot. FDA and CDC have exempted these shots from ALL safety testing. The spike protein causes extensive damage to internal organs, and effects fetal development. Please exercise parental oversight and extreme caution.
Despite being hounded by multiple controversies, vaccine maker Pfizer pushed through with clinical trial for its mRNA flu vaccine. The new shot utilizes the mRNA technology that can be found in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) shot:

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