Russia Builds New Nuke Shelters For Their People While Biden Cabal Continues Biowarfare Upon Americans – As Globalists Plan To Set The Earth On Fire, Putin Carries Out ‘Operation Thunder’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

While the Russians are once again building nuclear bomb shelters for their citizens, Joe Biden’s  government cabal continues to carry out bioweapon attacks upon the American people while, according to General Paul Vallely, the US Military is under all-out attack by the creep in the White House who is quite literally setting up the ‘America’s last days‘ via his pro-globalist, anti-America actions.

As this October 26th story over at AND Magazine’s Substack titled “The Russians Are Building Bomb Shelters – This Is Getting Real” reported, officials in Moscow have been ordered to get the bomb shelters for their school children in working order in preparation of what may soon come to Russia, the US and the world, while Biden’s CDC tries to make sure all American school children get their vaxxes, that are now killing and maiming Americans left and right.

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Reporting also that Moscow’s hospitals are getting involved in the efforts, as are their electrical companies and other utility companies, making sure all the bunkers have electricity and running water and working sewage facilities, the Biden cabal has done nothing of the sort for the American people, but we can be sure they’re stocking up their own underground bunkers, where they’ll be scurrying off to with their tails between their legs while they are setting fire to the rest of the planet.

And with Russia getting their underground bunkers ready at a time when Vladimir Putin and Russia just held ‘Operation Thunder‘ nuclear war drills that simulated nuclear strikes upon the West as reported in this story and seen in first two videos at the bottom of this story, all of this is getting way too real, especially seeing how Russia is preparing to save their people while Biden is murdering Americans.

In Moscow, authorities are inspecting the bomb shelters in the city’s schools. This is not a routine or academic exercise. The officials involved have been directed to get the shelters in working order. Right now. 

Notifications have gone out in Moscow to inform residents that bomb shelters are being prepared. The Education Department has issued instructions to all institutions under its control to outfit new shelters in addition to those in existence. 

Moscow hospitals are also involved in the efforts. Shelters are being set up in the hospitals as well and equipped with electricity, lighting, disposable plates, and water. Moscow’s Social Protection Department has been charged with painting arrows on the street and public buildings to direct people to bomb shelters.

Parking garages are also being converted into bomb shelters. Bunks, first aid kits, and heaters are being brought in. People using the garages have been told to remove their cars. 

Similar actions are being taken in other major Russian cities. Emergency warning systems are being tested. Lists of locations suitable to be converted into additional shelters are being compiled.

President Vladimir Putin oversaw training exercises of Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrence forces on Wednesday. Russian state television aired footage of Putin overseeing the drills from a control room. 

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the drills simulated “a massive nuclear strike in response to an enemy nuclear attack.” “Under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Vladimir Putin, a training session was held with ground, sea, and air strategic deterrence forces, during which practical launches of ballistic and cruise missiles took place,” the Kremlin said in a statement. 

The last time the Russians conducted such drills, was five days before Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

So while Vladimir Putin and Russia are deadly prepared for nuclear war, carrying out live drills striking the US and preparing to shelter and save the lives of Russian citizens, can you imagine braindead-Biden doing the same thing for the American people? Biden and his cabal should face a firing squad for their treason of putting the globalists ahead of Americans and their continuing bioweapon attacks upon us all. After their trials and convictions in a court of law, of course.

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