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Desperate Dems on the Ropes

Days before US midterms next Tuesday, a Quinnipiac University  poll showed the following:

“(A)n increasing number of Americans say inflation (36 percent) is the most urgent issue facing the country today, up 9 percentage points since late August.”

“More than half of Americans (54 percent) say the price of gas and consumer goods is the economic issue that worries them most right now, while 25 percent say the cost of housing or rent, 12 percent say the stock market, and 5 percent say their job situation.”

QU polling analyst, Tim Malloy, stressed what’s clear:

“It’s not even close.”

“More than half of Americans (54%) say the price of gas and consumer goods is the economic issue that worries them most right now, while 25% say the cost of housing or rent, 12% say the stock market, and 5% say their job situation.”

At a time of growing public discontent over pocket book issues, 60% of registered GOP voters expressed greater motivation to vote on Nov. 8 — compared to 51% of registered Dems.

Nearly half of registered voters (48%) want Republicans to regain House control — compared to 44% for Dems.

And 48% of registered voters want Republicans to regain Senate control — compared to 45% for Dems.

Malloy again:

“Who wants it more?” 

“It may come down to a tried-and-true sports axiom.”

“The hungriest team wins the game, and Republicans seem to have the edge.”

The X factor Malloy and most other analysts left unaddressed is a threatened repeat of grand theft election 2020 by undemocratic Dems. 

They’re virtually certain to try. 

Are Republicans prepared to foil them in key battleground states?

On Wednesday, Dems once again hauled out the White House imposter to read lines pre-scripted for him to recite via teleprompter.

The most pathetic example of non-leadership in US history is worlds apart from the real thing.

He’s not only illegitimate by any standard, he’s out of touch with reality and powerless — a figurehead boob in a regime run by psychopaths and sociopaths at war on humanity at home and worldwide.

They risk destruction of plant earth to own it.

With them empowered, these are truly the most perilous times in world history, overwhelmingly eclipsing earlier dangers.

That’s why it’s crucial to step back from the unparalleled threat they pose to everyone everywhere.

Republicans are worlds apart from saintly.

The best to hope for if they regain House and/or Senate control is a modest dial-back of today’s unparalleled danger with Dems in charge.

On his own in public with little more than crib note aids, the fake Biden is hard-pressed to recite a sentence error-free.

Commenting on the break-in assault of Pelosi’s husband days earlier — what may have been a pre-election vote-getting stunt by Dems — the fake JB shifted to the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill false flag.

Hostile-to-Trump elements infiltrated largely nonviolent Trump protesters.

They got access to Capitol Hill after police and federal law enforcers opened barricades surrounding it, letting them storm the building to commit violence. 

Trump warrants plenty of legitimate criticism.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that he had anything to do with what happened — what undemocratic Dems orchestrated and directed.

Yet they, the fake Biden and their MSM press agents falsely blamed Trump to illegitimately empower the Biden/Harris regime. 

There’s no ambiguity about who won and lost.

Key for Republicans is avoiding an election theft repeat next Tuesday.

Most everything recited by the fake Biden on Wednesday turned truth on its head and trampled on it.

Calling “the US Capitol the citadel of democracy” mocked reality.

Existing in fantasy form alone, the real thing was banned from the republic’s inception.

And wherever it exists worldwide, US ruling regimes go all-out to eliminate it.

And this fake JB trash, falsely claiming that keeping undemocratic Dems empowered is vital for “our economy (they wrecked), safety of our streets” — what no longer exists — and “the future of healthcare, Social Security and Medicare.”

Far more than Republicans, Dems transformed US healthcare into a sickness and life-destroying industry by kill shots and all else flu/covid.

Social Security, Medicare and overall social justice risk erosion and elimination over time — for greater war-making on invented enemies, corporate handouts and transfer of wealth from most people to the privileged few.

And what the fake Biden called “fair and free elections,” undemocratic Dems want eliminated altogether.

What he called “the rule of law” was replaced by the regime’s “rules-based order” — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and the US Constitution.

And he defied reality by falsely calling election 2020 an example of democracy in action, adding:

“There’s no election in our history that we can be more certain of its results (sic) — an indisputable bald-faced Big Lie.

Subverting democracy by brazen election fraud has been longstanding US practice — at least since the 1824 “Corrupt Bargain.”

Dirty politics is deep-seated in the US — 2020 election theft by undemocratic Dems the most glaring example.

At a time when they’re waging war on Russia, never before in US history was it more crucially important to throw the bums out — including the White House imposter in 2024.

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