Kabagon – encounter of Japanese sailors with a sea monster in 1971

In the Japanese newspaper “Manichi Daily News” dated July 18, 1971, a curious article was published about how Japanese sailors off the coast of New Zealand encountered an unidentified sea creature that had very bulging eyes which was later named the Kabagon.

The Encounter Of Japanese Sailors With Kabagon

” A goggle-eyed monster frightened the crew of the 253-ton Kompira Maru as it observed their fishing operations off the south coast of New Zealand,” began the note, with a drawing of the creature by the captain of the ship.

“A team of 26 recently returned to the port of Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Crew members reported that the goggle-eyed monster’s head was about 1.5 meters above the surface of the sea, and its eyes appeared to be about 15 cm in diameter. 

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