YouTube Continues To Censor Accurate COVID Information

by Joe Martino, The Pulse:

  • The Facts:
    • Even after YouTube updated its COVID policies, they still continue to delete accurate COVID information.
    • Our recently censored video did not go against any policy YouTube has, it only dealt in facts from the CDC and FDA.


  • Reflect On:
    • Throughout the pandemic, journalists have not been allowed to examine the statements from the CDC and FDA and point out double standards and paradoxes.
    • Has academic and journalistic critique of government institutions become “not allowed?”

Although YouTube has removed multiple policies related to COVID-19, opening up more of what people can talk about on YouTube with regards to COVID, they are still censoring accurate information in a perplexing manner. Well, I guess only perplexing if you don’t consider that YouTube’s policies and actions have no pattern nor follow their own policies.

When you get a strike on YouTube it stays on your record for 3 months. Get 3 strikes in a 3 month time period or less and your account is gone. Our last strike was 3 months ago. It has JUST fallen off our record, and then like clockwork, YouTube hands us a bogus strike for a piece of content we put out… almost 3 months ago.

On August 22nd I released Part 1 of a 2 part series when Dr. Madhava Setty and I examined CDC data and Pfizer trial data to give an overview of how successful trials were, what they stated about adverse events, and how effective the trials were. The idea here was to simply use the CDC and Pfizer data and put it into laymen’s terms for people to understand how COVID vaccines got approved.

Our goal was to remove as much hyperbole from the vaccine discussion as possible, and simply deal with facts so people could decide for themselves what happened. During the 2 parts, we did not make any claims or offer any advice, we just broke down the available information.

On October 27th we received the dreaded email from YouTube stating our content had been removed for violating their medical misinformation policy.

Notice of content removal

As per standard practice, because we have never in the history of our time on YouTube broken a YouTube policy, I appealed. Keep in mind, I’ve read YouTube’s policies many times over. We have had a total of 5 strikes on YouTube, including complete account deletion for three months. Eventually, our account was given back with sincere apologies from YouTube claiming they had made a mistake and the strikes we received, as well as account deletion, was an error.

As far as I can tell, all 5 strikes were not justified. Some were on videos that had nothing to do with COVID yet were deleted because they were about COVID – go figure.

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