Flakes On A Plane: Hundreds Of Climate Protesters Block Private Jets At Amsterdam Airport

In keeping with pointless acts of inane and useless neo-political “woke” gesturing – otherwise known today as “activism” – protestors fighting against climate change took to blocking private jets at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport this week.

At least it’s better than gluing yourself to a Van Gogh. We guess.

Hundreds of activists made their way to a section of the airport that holds private jets and sat in front of their wheels, preventing them from moving, on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Military police eventually had to be brought in and the protestors were shipped away by the dozens in buses, the report says. More than 100 of them were arrested. 

MP’s “made a number of detentions of persons who were on airport property without being allowed,” the report said.

The protest was put together “by Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion in the build-up to the COP27 climate talks in Egypt”, the report says. 

Greenpeace Netherlands campaign leader Dewi Zloch, doing his best Veruca Salt impression, demanded: “We want fewer flights, more trains and a ban on unnecessary short-haul flights and private jets.”

“…and we want it now, daddy!”

“Schiphol is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the Netherlands,” the group said, according to Reuters. Other protestors joined them in and around the airport, with some holding signs that said “Restrict Aviation”.

The airport responded by saying it aims to become emissions free by 2030 and that it supports a net zero emissions target for the industry by 2050. 

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