“Give Kremlin A Warning”: US ‘Nuclear Apocalypse’ Submarine Enters Mediterranean Sea

Multiple reports show the world’s largest nuclear submarine, the USS Rhode Island, left the Port of Gibraltar on Spain’s south coast last week and was last seen entering the Mediterranean. British newspaper Daily Express said the nuclear submarine is “reportedly heading towards the Black Sea.” 

The Italian newspaper la Repubblica said USS Rhode Island, which arrived in Gibraltar on Nov. 1, entered the Mediterranean Sea on Friday. The Ohio-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine can carry 24 Trident II missiles capable of hitting targets 18 thousand kilometers away. 

“Rhode Island emerges in Gibraltar, armed with intercontinental missiles and hundreds of nuclear warheads. On a mission to give the Kremlin a warning,” La Repubblica wrote. 

Earlier this week, Captain John Craddock, commander of the US Navy’s Task Force 69, said:

“Rhode Island’s port visit to Gibraltar reinforces our ironclad commitment to our allies and partners in the region.

“The US and UK share a strong history of cooperation, through exercises, operations, and cooperation activities such as this, that enhance our combined capabilities and partnership.

“The complexity, lethality, and tactical expertise of Rhode Island epitomises the effectiveness and strength of the submarine force.”

USS Rhode Island’s arrival in the Mediterranean Sea comes after Russian submarine Generalissimus Suvorov launched a Bulava ballistic missile from the White Sea as part of a training mission. 

Ohio-class subs can patrol continuously as a highly-effective tool for the NATO nuclear deterrence force and could be headed to a strategic position near the Black Sea. 

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