Ukraine Update

According to WaPo fake news on Saturday:

The Biden regime “is encouraging” dominant Ukrainian Nazis “to negotiate with Russia (sic).”

It’s a ruse.

The Biden regime ordered puppet Zelensky to abandon conflict resolution talks with Russia last spring — at a time when both sides were on the cusp of agreeing to restoration of peace.

Hegemon USA has been at war on Russia since the 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev — using Ukrainian foot soldiers as expendable proxies.

A permanent state of US/NATO hot and unparalleled sanctions war exists against Russia.

What began long ago escalated greatly after its liberating SMO began to demilitarize and deNazify the US-installed puppet regime, as well as liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazi-infested occupation.

Time and again after Russia’s SMO began, the empire of lies and forever wars vowed unwavering support to Ukrainian Nazis “for as long as it takes.”

And this WaPo rubbish, citing unnamed Biden regime officials:

Vladimir Putin “isn’t serious about negotiations” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Hegemon USA controls Ukraine, the puppet Zelensky regime obeying what’s ordered by its US master.

On Friday in Kiev, the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, said the following:

“We fully intend to ensure that the resources are there as necessary” for Ukrainian Nazis in pursuit of forever US war on Russia.

He falsely accused Moscow of made-in-the-USA war — begun after the Maidan coup.

Subservient to its higher power in Washington, the puppet Zelensky regime is powerless.

And this WaPo trash:

“(F)acing a poor position on the battlefield (sic), Russia proposed negotiations earlier (sic).”

Willing to negotiate conflict resolution all along, Russia won’t pursue it at the expense of abandoning its publicly stated goals.

More WaPo trash:

“Reports of…withdrawal (of Russian forces from) Kherson” city are fake news.

So is the notion of a “total victory” over Russia by battered and beaten regime troops.

Separately according to Donetsk lawmaker/People’s Militia Lt. Col. Andrey Bayevsky: 

Regime troops are untrained to operate sophisticated US/Western weapons.

So military personnel from the Pentagon and their NATO counterparts are operating them — directly waging war on Russia, adding:

“As for the 155 mm caliber guns (and) US HIMARS, (it’s) impossible to retrain personnel in one or two months (to) start using” them.

“The simplest types of (US/Western weapons can be used after a short training course.”

“The 60 mm mortars supplied to battalions on the frontlines are primitive weapons that can be learned to use within a week.”

“(C)ombat training of artillery units includes cohesion of the calculation, platoon, battery, battalion.”

“You train a specialist first.”

“You do the specialized training…then the formation, the platoon, the battery and so on.”

In her latest press briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), explained the following:

The US-installed puppet “Kiev regime employs unacceptable fascist war methods using terrorist tactics similar to (created and supported) ISIS and al-Qaeda.”

On October 29, regime terrorist attacks on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and Sevastopol’s infrastructure were directed by “British specialists.”

The Nazi-infested Zelensky regime is subservient to its US-dominated Western paymasters.

In defiance of international law and vital homeland needs, hegemon USA, Britain, EU and Canadian regimes support the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine.

Along with deploying their own troops to aid Kiev’s terrorist attacks on Russia, they “recruited over 8,000 mercenaries from more than 60 countries,” MZ explained.

Around 3,000 were killed, about 3,000 others went home. 

The rest remain involved in waging war on Russia.

Addressing fake news about Biden regime pressure on puppet Zelensky to engage in conflict resolution talks with Russia, MZ dismissed what MSM reported, saying:

Russia “relies on facts, on the situation on the ground, on the implementation of our (legitimate) demands.”

Everything else is political posturing, noise, and distracts from reality on the ground.

And remarks by US/Western regimes shift from one day to the next — from suggesting talks to “stand(ing) for unconditional” battlefield triumph.

“One day they are for peace, the next day against it.”

Time and again they proved what’s indisputable: 

Their agenda reflects pure evil.

They can never be trusted.

They resurrected the scourge of Nazism in central Europe, weaponizing it to wage war on Russia.

They pose an unparalleled menace to world peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

Pentagon personnel involved in operating HIMARS — firing rockets at Russian targets, including the Zaporozhye NPP and residential communities — have been trying for weeks to breach Kherson Region’s Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam and flood the area.

Russia reported that US-controlled Ukrainian Nazis “aren’t giving up on their attempts to destroy the dam and create a humanitarian disaster.”

On Sunday, Pentagon troops launched 6 HIMARS at the Kakhovskaya dam.

Russian air defenses destroyed 5 rockets. One struck the dam.

According to local officials, it failed to cause major damage.

According to fake news by US/Western regimes, their MSM press agents and Ukrainian Nazis, Russia aims to breach the dam, flood the area, kill or otherwise harm many thousands of ist citizens, and blame Kiev for what happens.

This and similar trash infests US/Western reports.

When repeated enough times, most people believe almost anything, no matter how clearly false.

Separately on Sunday, deputy Kherson Region head, Kirill Stremousov, reported the following:

As directed by Pentagon and CIA operatives involved in orchestrating and directing terrorist attacks against Russia and its people, Ukrainian Nazis concentrated large numbers of tanks and armored personnel carriers for another attempted regional advance — for overpowering Russian forces to repel in similar fashion to previous foiled attempts.

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday:

“In Kupyansk direction, enemy units attempted to attack Russian positions towards Kuzemovka (Lugansk People’s Republic).

Russian artillery and aviation neutralized (regime) units.

Over 140 Ukrainian personnel, 3 tanks, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 3 armored vehicles, and 5 multipurpose motor vehicles (were) eliminated.

In Krasny Liman direction, attacks of 3 (regime) tactical groups towards Stelmakhovka, Ploshchanka and Kremennaya (Lugansk People’s Republic were) frustrated.

Intensive action by Russian troops, supported by artillery resulted in neutralization of the enemy.

Over 60 Ukrainian personnel, 1 tank, 2 armored fighting vehicles, 3 pickups, and 1 motor vehicle (were) eliminated.

In South Donetsk direction, artillery units and assault groups neutralized (regime) units near Novomikhaylovka, Pavlovka and Vremevka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Over 120 Ukrainian personnel, 2 armored personnel carriers, 2 armored vehicles, 1 pickup, and 2 motor vehicles (were) eliminated.

In Nikolayev–Krivoy Rog direction, 2 enemy mechanized infantry companies, supported by tanks, attacked Russian forces’ positions towards Sablukovka and Sukhanovo (Kherson region).

All attacks (were) repelled.

Russian forces neutralized (regime) units.

Over 80 Ukrainian personnel, 3 armored fighting vehicles, and 4 motor vehicles (were) eliminated.

Russian forces “neutralized 5 command posts, including one of 15th National Guard Regiment near Krasny Liman (Donetsk People’s Republic), those of units from 60th Infantry Brigade of the AFU near Vysokopolye, Novaya Kamenka, Chervonoye (Kherson region), as well as 87 artillery units at their firing positions, manpower and military hardware in 179 areas.

1 command post of the Security Service of Ukraine (was) neutralized near Kupyansk (Kharkov region).

1 (Kiev) armament and military hardware storage base (was) neutralized near Volnyansk (Zaporozhye region).

6 (regime) ordnance depots (were) destroyed.

1 self-propelled fire unit of Buk-M1 air defense missile system (was) destroyed near Belogorka.

1 Ukrainian radar of S-300 air defense missile system (was) destroyed near Novonikolayevka (Kherson region).

Russian forces “shot down 1 (regime) MiG-29 warplane. 

Air defense facilities shot down 1 (regime) Mi-8 helicopter. 

Nine regime UAVs were “shot down.” 

“27 projectiles launched by (Pentagon-operated) HIMARS (were) intercepted” and destroyed. 

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, Ukrainian troops sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Billions of dollars worth of US/Western-supplied weapons, munitions and equipment were destroyed.

It’s just a matter of time before Kiev’s made-in-the-USA military since 2014 collapses from exhaustion, depletion of its manpower and loss of their will to continue pursuing a long ago lost cause.

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