Voter Concerns Ahead of US Midterms

Regime change begins at home.

Never throughout US history was it more important than now.

World peace, as well as preservation of what little remains of public health and fundamental freedoms hang in the balance.

Republicans are far removed from being saintly.

But if undemocratic Dems retain congressional control, they’ll wreck the nation more than already.

They’ll be no change in a permanent state of war against invented enemy Russia, China next in line for much the same thing.

At the same time, Dems are waging a war of mass-extermination domestically and worldwide by kill shots.

Pretending that what’s designed to destroy health is safe and effective is the mother of all state-sponsored scams.

The Biden regime’s multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better scheme will more greatly bankrupt the nation than already — to further enrich monied interests and ruling elites at the expense of the general welfare.

The 2021 Judiciary Act aims to stack the Supreme Court by adding 4 pro-undemocratic Dem justices.

Mass amnesty legislation will help millions of undocumented immigrants become citizens, encouraging greater numbers to enter the country — most eventually likely to support Dems.

On Nov. 8, congressional control is up for grabs.

According to mid-October polling by Pew Research, the economy tops the list of voter concerns.

Eight-in-10 respondents (79%) said it’s most important on deciding how they’ll vote.

Other key issues include the future of democracy in the US — what exists in fantasy form alone, 70% of respondents calling it important in how they’ll vote — followed by:

Education — 64%.

Healthcare — 63%.

Energy policy — 61%.

Violent crime — 61%.

Election procedures — 58%.

Gun policy — 57%.

Abortion — 56%.

Supreme Court appointments — 55%.

Immigration — 54%.

Foreign policy — 54%.

Federal government size and scope — 41%.

(Nonexistent) climate change — 38%.

Race and ethnicity issues — 34%.

(Witch-hunt) Trump investigations — 30%.

Biden regime investigations — 29%.

Flu/covid outbreaks — 23%.

What specifically relates to all things Russia and Ukraine didn’t make the cut.

Far and away, voters are mostly concerned with pocketbook issues at a time of soaring inflation, economic decline and hard times getting harder for the great majority of US households.

Whatever the results on Tuesday, an Alignable survey of nearly 4,800 US small businesses found over one-third (37%) unable to pay rent in October for lack of enough revenue to cover the cost.

Nearly one in 5 Americans (18%) reported skipping meals because of high food costs.

Growing numbers of US households rely on food banks.

The high cost of housing caused homelessness to increase sharply, especially in metropolitan areas.

The nation’s diesel shortage drove prices above $5 a gallon.

Perhaps heading higher, WTI crude is around $90 a barrel.

Artificially capping the price of Russian oil by US/Western regimes could drive prices well above $100 a barrel, gasoline and heating oil prices to rise proportionately.

At a time when most US households live from paycheck to paycheck, the cost of food, rent, energy, healthcare and other essentials has become increasingly unaffordable for growing millions since undemocratic Dems usurped power by brazen election fraud in 2020.

And looking ahead, things are highly likely to worsen and stay protracted before easing at an unknown future time.

The state of the nation is dismal at a time when the risk of full-scale US/NATO war on Russia is more ominously high than any previous time throughout the post-WW II period.

Will Republicans change the dire state of things if regain House and/or Senate control?

At best, perhaps they’ll ease them slightly.

Dems most likely will worsen things ahead if control the White House and Congress.

With a poll by SSRS research last week showing greater enthusiasm among GOP supporters than their Dem counterparts, will the latter’s dominant hardliners go all-out to steal what they’re hard-pressed to win legitimately?

Are Republicans up to the challenge of foiling their diabolical plans?

I support neither wing of the US war party.

But given a choice between worsening things domestically and geopolitically by Dems v. largely maintaining the dismal status quo, the latter clearly tops the former — even though neither alternative is acceptable.

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