John Stone reviews Turtles All The Way Down

John Stone reviewed Turtles All The Way Down for Children’s Health Defense’s European site. See our post from August about the book Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth    According to Professor of Philosophy Joel Richeimer, the phrase “turtles all the way down” stems from a story about the British philosopher Bertrand Russell. After giving a lecture on astronomy, Russell was refuted by a woman in the audience, who claimed that the earth was situated not in space, but on the back of a large turtle. When Russell asked what the turtle was standing on, the woman replied that it was “turtles all the way down.”  Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Our slow and steady pace continues, and we will win the race.

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By John Stone

A welcome for this important book and paradoxical book. Although it has been edited for an English speaking audience by Mary Holland and Zoey O’Toole it was assembled by anonymous (Israeli) authors providing an anatomy of vaccine science, at least as it existed in 2019 before Covid. It may be considered critical to the understanding of the project that the authors chose to remain anonymous: while of course this meant that they could not be personally and professionally attacked it has also meant that anyone attacking the book has to attack the intellectual substance of the book and not the authors.

The central conceit of the book refers to the foundationlessness of vaccine science, in which a comparison is being made with pre-scientific conception of the position of the earth in the universe:  instead of a body in space it was held to be supported on the backs of elephants, in turn standing on the backs of turtles, apparently standing on the backs of larger turtles, but then what were those turtles standing on?

While the book is an inventory of failed scientific methodology of various kinds the specific reference is the failure to provide studies which demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of any products on the schedule against genuine placebo ie a neutral substance, as opposed to other products and concoctions (substitute placebos)  – a matter once brilliantly exposed by ICAN’s correspondence with the US government. Faced with the 64 trillion dollar question whether any at all of the products on the infant schedule had been so tested the US government failed to provide a single instance. Not only were none of the products trialled against genuine placebo, none of the substitute placebos had either. What was it all standing on?

It may be mentioned in a somewhat comic sequel to the ICAN episode three leading proponents of vaccine science, Stanley Plotkin, Paul Offit and Heidi Larson were challenged in the electronic columns of British Medical Journal by Christopher Exley, David Healey and myself made off into the distance. Not only were these studies lacking for some products they were lacking for all. The problem has been that while for  bureaucratic and ideological purposes vaccines have been placed for the most part beyond criticism as unalloyed public good this has assisted even greater levels of negligence than perhaps even exist in other branches of medical science as highlighted in famous critiques John Ioannidis and Marcia Angell. Existing in the realms of state enforced totem and taboo, the science is almost bound to go wrong even supposing it is not meant to, while most professionals simply walk away.

The nub is that for most of its history, going back more than two centuries to Edward Jenner, who also might not have recognised a double-blind placebo trial,  so much has rested on careful gaslighting rather than sound data – quite simply anyone who doubted was in modern parlance “cancelled”, and this in itself had unbounded potential for skewing the evidence base. If you are not allowed to even mention vaccine damage how will cases ever come to be recorded? Scarcely surprising that the authors have chosen not to disclose their identities.  Please read more at CHD Europe.


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