Shilling for Sharks

Ahead of upcoming midterm elections, Republicans are favored to regain House and perhaps Senate control — based on pre-election polling results.

Whether things turn out this way is very much uncertain — given all-out efforts by undemocratic Dems to repeat 2020 election theft.

Post-WW II, the White House incumbent’s party lost on average 26 House and 4 Senate seats in midterm elections.

According to Dem strategist, Hilary Rosen:

“We did not listen to voters…”

“I think we are going to have a bad night” on Nov. 8.

When voters call economic conditions their top concern, Dems failed to “stop talking about democracy being at stake” — a red herring in a nation where only a fantasy version exists.

Results of an October 30 – November 2 ABC News/WaPo poll showed that 80% of likely voters cited the economy as their top concern — 77% citing high inflation specifically.

It’s not the officially reported 8.2%. Based on how it was calculated pro-1990, annual US inflation is 16.4% — double the fabricated official narrative.

Everyone who eats, heats a home, drives a car, has higher education expenses and pays for other essentials knows more about inflation than duplicitous pols, their MSM press agents and TV talking head economists.

Separately in its election eve fake news edition, the NYT featured MAGA GOP bashing with remarks like the following:

“Republican candidates across the country, from Arizona to Pennsylvania, continue to amplify Trump’s false claims (sic) of corrupted elections.”

There’s nothing false about what’s true, the Times compounding its bald-faced Big Lie with the following one:

“Two years after a presidential election warped by lies (sic) and disrupted by violence (sic),” what the Times (and other MSM call) American democracy” is for the privileged few alone.

And this Times trash:

“Led by Trump, Republican candidates and right-wing media figures stoked fears about ‘election integrity’ ” — legitimate ones the Times failed to explain.

And this Times whopper:

Although there is no evidence of widespread fraud in elections (sic), (Republicans called) for new laws (to) tighten voting rules and, as their talking point goes (sic), make it ‘harder to cheat.’ ”

And this Times trash:

Trump and scores of other Republicans “falsely suggest (sic) that Dem(s) rigged results two years ago.”

Separately, Times editors reinvented reality about grand theft election 2020 by Dems, falsely calling what’s indisputable “spurious allegations of voter fraud and other irregularities (sic).”

More trash, dubiously claiming what it called “violent extremism by a small but growing faction of the Republican Party (sic) — no evidence cited to back the accusation, while ignoring Dem-orchestrated Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol Hill violence, falsely blamed on Trump and his supporters.

Election-rigging fraud pockmarked US federal, state and local elections throughout the nation’s history since the early 19th century.

Dem-orchestrated grand theft 2020 elections was most brazen of all.

According to the Times, “voters  need to decide which party they trust to” serve the general welfare.

Neither wing of the one-party state warrants voter support — illegitimately empowered Dems least of all.

A Final Comment

The fake Biden is an embarrassment to what leadership is supposed to be.

Several MSM reports highlighted his out-of-touch with reality gaffes.

Calling him a “gaffe machine,” WaPo highlighted the following examples in his own detached from reality words:

“Folks, I spent a lot of time — more time with Xi Jinping than any other head of state (sic).”

“I’ve traveled 17,000 miles with him (sic).”


“Today, the most common price of gas in America is $3.39 — down from over $5 when I took office (sic).”

In January 2021, a gallon of gasoline cost less than $2.50.

Today, it ranges from about $3.80 – $5.90 a gallon.

“On my watch, for the first time in 10 years, seniors are getting an increase in their Social Security checks (sic).”

Since 1972, SS recipients have gotten annual cost-of-living increases.

The fake Biden falsely claimed that he signed a college debt forgiveness law.

He misinterpreted the 2003 Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act.

And the so-called Inflation Reduction Act he touts increases it, depresses household incomes, increases the deficit, while benefitting special interests more than already.

And on the stump campaigning for undemocratic Dems, he confused US aggression against nonthreatening Iraq to war on Russia by Ukrainian Nazis.

Last month, he called Kamala Harris “a great president (sic).”

He called UK prime minister Rishi Sunak “Rasheed Sanook (sic).”

In September, he called out to Rep. Jackie Salorski — not knowing or forgetting that she was killed in an August car crash.

And this recent mumbling, bumbling remark:

“Dr. Biden thinks that uh, my wife thinks that uh, that I uh, that, that we’re, that we’re doing something very important.”

Nary a day passes without one or more embarrassing gaffes from the the fake Biden.

A powerless, detached from reality imposter, dark forces controlling him pose a greater alarming threat to peace, the rule of law and general welfare than previous US regimes throughout the post-WW II period.

On Thursday, throwing the bums out of Congress is crucially important —even knowing that new bums with replace them.

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