More Ukrainian Terrorism: Using American HIMARS

 – Ukraine bombed Central Donetsk building yesterday

Just after 3 am, yesterday, I woke to Ukraine bombing central Donetsk, hitting the nearby administrative building of Donetsk Railway, causing a fire to break out on the second floor. DPR Military experts state that Ukrainian forces fired 6 missiles, using American M142 HIMARS MLRS.

Fires were still burning when I was there, Donetsk Emergency Services having put out the worst of the blazes.

The building is flanked by apartment buildings, which had many windows blown out.

I spoke with one woman in her first story apartment. At the time of the first blast, she ran with her toddler to the toilet, thus missing the brunt of the explosions and windows shattering into the kitchen and her son’s bedroom. She found shrapnel on his bed. I shudder to think of the boy’s injuries, or death, if she hadn’t grabbed him and ran for the toilet.

[Watch video here]

Ukraine has been heavily bombing central Donetsk for many months, and increasingly so in recent months.

The elderly woman told me:

“We have been living in this for nine years, nine years! And no one pays any attention to us. We were always falling asleep and waking up every morning by such bombardments.

As they like to say it’s all fake. We were shooting at ourselves? How could we be shooting at ourselves?

No one believes abroad or in the West that we live like this. And now you see how we live. What targets are they shooting at? People. Civilians. Hotels. Hospitals, kindergartens, schools. What is all this?”

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