Schizoid Aussie agri-groups play COP27 games as Kiwi and Dutch farmers fight for their livelihoods

COP27 deleates meeting in Egypt and (inset) National Farmers Federation chairwoman Fiona Simpson, who is attending the conference along with members of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, which is pushing “food systems change” in order to accommodate “climate change”.

AUSTRALIAN farming industry groups are playing a silly and dangerous game with global environmental forces, thinking they can pose as “caring, sharing environmentalists” on stage with the COP27 crowd yet at the same time defend traditional livestock farming.

Among them are Fiona Simpson, president of the National Farmers Federation, who seems to have swallowed the environmentalist red pill. Simpson and the NFF CEO Tony Mahar, are hob-nobbing at COP27 with an Australian farm and forestry delegation.

On October 23rd, the Mahar issued a statement supporting the insane global “Methane Pledge” and then claimed halfway down the same statement that “Australian agriculture cannot and will not tolerate interventions like the New Zealand or the Netherlands governments are implementing which target and undermine agriculture’s productivity”.

Word Economic Forum “graduate” Jacinda Ardern’s Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act will shut down an estimated one in five farms, according to protesting Kiwi farmers. An action group called Facts About Ruminant Methane says a carbon price of $35/tonne will force an average dairy farm to pay over $60,000 if the full price is applied.

But the group points out the Ardern regime’s own Productivity Commission says the price of carbon will need to go much higher to reach a “low emissions” economy by 2050 – $75 to $152/tonne of carbon. But to reach “net zero emissions” the price would need to rise between $200 and $250 a tonne or $300k per farm, that would potentially bankrupt most of them.

To be fair to the NFF, Mahar and Simpson have stated that the NFF’s climate change policy supporting net zero carbon by 2050 has “two clear caveats” – “that there is an economically viable pathway forward and agriculture is not worse off.” But farmers in NZ and the Netherlands are already on the edge of being bullied and taxed off their farms. Do Mahar and Simpson somehow think that if they smile nicely, then they’ll gain some sort of immunity from the ravages of rampant environmentalism.

Cairns News has to ask whether the NFF will soon be on the “sustainability trail” with NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean, promoting synthetic meat production from vegan Sydney food factories. After all, “high-priced meat for the elite” would suit Simpson, Mahar and their buddies in the high-end, corporate livestock producers club.

But that’s not the end of story of the “clean and green” NFF. Simpson is also tied into COP27 through an organisation called the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), of which she is chairwoman. It sounds reasonable that a farmer representative lead such an organisation, but names are deceiving.

ACIAR’s headline mission is “implementing food systems change”. Naive minds might think that “implementing change” must be good, because, well, change has to be good, right? No, it’s all about “adapting” (read forcing) agriculture to conform with the global climate activists and their genocidalist net-zero carbon objectives.

Dutch and New Zealand farmers, who face draconian seizure of up to 20% of their properties supposedly to reduce nitrogen pollution, can tell us all we need to know about “adapting the food production system to climate change”.

ACIAR’s “research partners” are giving a presentation at COP27 on “implementing food systems change”. Seven of the eight speakers are directly involved in government, UN and NGO-funded “climate change research” activities.

One of them, Fijian Christian-Yves Amato-Ali, has a Masters in Climate Change from South Pacific University. Amato-Ali can thank ACIAR’s Pacific Agriculture, Scholarships, Support & Climate Resilience Program (PASS-CR) for helping him to “strengthen the climate resilience components of his work”.

How bizarre and shameful that the NFF, Queensland’s AgForce and the Victorian Farmers Federation are actually supporting global organisations working to reduce the global food supply and feed insect and synthetic protein to the masses in place of real animal protein.

Simpson and company would try to argue it’s a sophisticated political strategy, but they are by default allied with the crazies who go into supermarkets and tip out milk because they believe “dairy farming is causing catastrophic climate change”.

Simpson, AgForce and the VFF must be living in dreamland if they have not caught on to the WEF-UN-COP27 food control agenda that is actually pushing vegan diets over farm-produced beef, pork and lamb.

An example of this schizophrenic stance is the Victorian Farmers Federation statement on Dan Andrews’ utterly ill-informed plan to turn the state on to “95% renewable energy by 2035”. Rather than exposing the stupidity of the Andrews plan and the total lack of resources to cover the landscape with thousands of windmills and solar panels, the VFF president Emma Germano says: “There’s a real need to create a Victoria-wide strategic plan for renewable energy and transmission developments that looks at the next century of the State’s energy needs.”

What “real need” is Germano thinking of? The so-called “climate emergency”? And then she goes on: “We can move to renewables, but that shift must be gradual and well planned with agriculture in mind. Going too fast will mean the costs will be borne by farmers and regional communities, rather than being fairly distributed across the whole community.”

Is Germano really suggesting electric tractors are the future? People are already learning how ridiculously quick the batteries on electric-engine utes fade when you pull a loaded trailer. The mind boggles over the charging and battery power required to run a tractor with a plough behind it.

Meanwhile Brietbart in the US reports that Dutch Farmers Defence Force leader Mark Van den Oever has vowed to launch more protests in response to advice from the government’s mediator, who has called for the forcible relocation of farming firms and the seizure of up to 600 farms deemed to be “the heaviest nitrogen emitters”. We predict the NFF’s Simpson will either be nodding her approval or showing her approval by silence.

Former Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Johan Remkes, who was the chief mediator between farmers and the government over nitrogen emissions, laid out a plan for farms located near “protected environments” to be forcibly relocated, and up to 600 farms that emit the most nitrogen to be “seized”.

Van den Oever called the scheme “completely wrong” and that the farmers of the nation would “give the old-fashioned gas again, count on that” — in reference to the widespread tractor protests by farmers over the summer.

The Farmers Defence Force leader said ministers had ignored the concerns of farmers and that the globalist government of Prime Mnister Mark Rutte “imposes far too much on businesses”. Another spokesman for the group Sieta van Keimpema described the measure as a “red line” for farmers.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his intentions to cut nitrogen emissions from livestock farms in half by “the magic year” 2030 in order to meet the demands of the European Union’s Natura 2000 scheme, which requires that all EU member-states remove industry or farming from areas deemed to be of “ecological importance”.

The government said in order to meet the EU goals, some farms may have to reduce emissions by as much as 95 per cent and that up to 30 per cent of all livestock farms may be shut down permanently.

In July, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Brieibart her country was being used as a testing ground for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, saying that “all these policies are out of those institutions and they are being implemented in our country first, we are sort of the pilot country together with Canada for this agenda.”

Vlaardingerbroek went on to claim that the push from the government to seize farmland was, in fact, more a result of the migrant crisis than the alleged climate crisis, explaining that the government wants the land to house migrants. While not widespread as of yet, this has already occurred, with the province of Flevoland buying up land in Noordoostpolder to build an asylum processing centre on the site of a former farm. 

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