Tunnel found at ancient Egyptian temple sparks Cleopatra’s tomb speculation

Archaeologists working at an ancient temple in Egypt have discovered a rather lengthy tunnel that runs beneath the site and it has been theorized that the passage may lead to Cleopatra’s lost tomb. The remarkable find, announced by the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities last week, is located in the historic city of Tapuziris Magna, which was a thriving community in the country centuries ago. Sitting approximately 42 feet underground, the tunnel measures a staggering 4,200 feet in length and was created by carving into the subterranean rock.

Describing the passage as a “geometric miracle,” lead archaeologist Dr. Kathleen Martinez likened the find to a similar subterranean discovery in Greece which was later determined to be part of a vast aqueduct system. While the tunnel would seem to have served a utilitarian purpose, its location beneath the temple in Tapuziris Magna has fueled speculation that it may eventually lead to the lost tomb of Cleopatra which some believe to be located at the Tapuziris Magna site.

This hypothesis has seemingly been strengthened by the discovery of coins at the temple which bear the likeness of the iconic Egyptian queen. For now, however, the possibility that Cleopatra’s final resting place might be nearby remains merely tantalizing conjecture as archaeologists continue their work excavating the tunnel and navigating the difficult underground terrain that has been upended on multiple occasions by earthquakes that have rocked the location over the centuries.

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