What Do You Run On…..

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

… when you have nothing to run on?

Let’s just be straight here, ok — neither party, when you get down to it, has anything to run on.

But: When you’re in the left seat, and the plane crashes, its your fault.

That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Just as an example the “authorities” won’t release the surveillance or body camera tapes from the Paul Pelosi assault.  Why not?  The only reason not to is that what’s there renders irrevocably false the story told thus far.

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In what way?  I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter.  If the footage documents the affidavit “as told” then there’s no reason not to release it as it will cement the case not only in court but in public opinion as well.  Therefore it clearly doesn’t.

Biden claims inflation is not his fault and he’s bringing it down by spending more deficit money.  This is mathematically impossible, incidentally.  He either doesn’t know this or he’s lying.  It matters not which it is; he ran on and promoted blowing more money around so he has no place to hide.

Biden told us all that if you took the Covid shots you would not get covid.  He said that conclusively.  He lied; his top advisor, Birx, has stated in public she knew this was not true before he took office.  Therefore either he hired her and is responsible or she told him and he deliberately lied.  Either way: He’s in the left seat, he had opportunity to not lie, thus he owns it.

On Biden’s watch Ukraine and Russia went to war.  Biden has poured tens of billions of dollars and weapons not only in munitions into Ukraine he’s paying the salaries of their people with our money.  The total at this point is well over $100 billion, which is a quite-material part of the fiscal deficit.  By what authority?  Well, Congress appears to be ok with it, aren’t they?  Indeed.  Who controls Congress?  Uh huh.  Oh, spending more money than you take in causes inflation?  Well, prosecuting this war over there is part of it then, on purpose.  Again, sit in the left seat, you’re responsible when there’s a smoking hole in the ground and nothing larger than a quarter can be identified.

There have been a couple of million people streaming into our nation illegally over the last two years.  Inflationary?  You bet.  What’s worse?  The guy who is accused of attacking Pelosi is here illegally and has been for years.  How many others have been victimized by criminals who were here illegally?  Remember “A Girl in Iowa” anyone?  Sit in the left seat, it’s your problem, especially when you sue, as Biden has done, to block Arizona and others from sealing said border.

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