Australia’s Climate Policies Putting People On A ‘Highway To Economic Hell’

aussie govt clip

aussie govt clip

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Australia’s climate change policies have put people on a “highway to economic hell”, with our foot on the electric vehicle accelerator.

“Preparing to fly out for Egypt, Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen delivered another evangelical sermon about how he’s going to save the planet while delivering manna from heaven,” Mr. Kenny said.

“Floods, fires, droughts, they will all be easier under Labor.

“This gives you an idea of the inanity, the absurdity of the COP27 Summit happening now in Egypt,” he added.

“It’s entirely sobering and depressing to think that any politician or journalist takes this stuff seriously.

“But sadly, most of them do. They don’t question the alarmist rhetoric, they don’t insert the facts, they don’t expose the failures and the hypocrisy, they just join in the orgy of climate fear porn along with sanctimonious virtue signaling.


h/t Jake P.

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