Hungary Explains “Huge” Impact Of “Total Failure” Anti-Russia Sanctions On Europeans

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto went off on “failed” and backfired US and European sanctions on Russia in an English language interview published this week. 

“The sanctions which have been introduced by the European Union [against] Russia have failed. It’s a total failure,” Szijjarto told Jordan’s Roya News in a televised appearance. He decried that the biggest impact was felt negatively by EU member states and further that the sanctions have not achieved any of their stated goals.

In his most blistering criticism aimed at EU decision-makers, the top Hungarian diplomat described, “It was said by the European Commission that the sanctions will help us to conclude this war as soon as possible and that it will bring Russia’s economy to its knees. What’s the outcome? It’s totally the opposite.”

Instead, he warned the economic war still being waged against Moscow is only resulting in escalation on the battlefield, as well as escalating inflation at home. “The war is becoming more and more brutal … And, in the meantime, the European economy is suffering very badly,” he said, observing too that Europe is now enduring a “tremendous energy crisis” and rising food prices. 

Hungary has been a thorn in the side of European policy which seeks to punish Russia for its Ukraine invasion. Most recently, Budapest has refused to assist NATO allies in the training of Ukrainian troops. It has also been widely accused of undermining Western efforts to bolster Ukraine’s defense, for example with the ban on allowing weapons transit directly from Hungary to neighboring Ukraine

FM Szijjarto rejected these charges in the interview, saying, “Basically, we are the only ones in Europe who are arguing in favor of peace.” Budapest has also resisted at every turn EU efforts to impose Russian energy bans or an oil price cap, underscoring it must think of its economy and the well-being of the Hungarian people first. 

Additionally he cited as “the outcome of a failed sanctions policy” that Hungary was forced to pay €19 billion for energy imports this year, which is more than double €7 billion it paid in 2021 – a “huge” consequence of EU short-sighted actions, he said.

Watch the full 10-minute interview segment here:

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