Lawyer For Canadian Commission Investigating Trucker Protests Collapses During Proceedings

Gabriel Poliquin, a lawyer for the Public Order Emergency Commission “investigating” the circumstances that led to Justin Trudeau’s recent use of emergency powers, violently collapsed during commission proceedings with no indication from his family or the Canadian media as to the cause. 

The Commission is tasked with outlining the legality or illegality of the government’s attempt to use terrorist based laws to put pressure on the mass trucker protests in Ontario. 

The protesters were using civil disobedience actions against covid mandates and vaccine passports. 

Trudeau specifically targeted fundraising for the protests, threatening individuals and groups with possible charges of aiding and abetting terrorists, and froze bank accounts of those involved.  The government also tried to confiscate goods and fuel brought to the protesters by sympathetic supporters.

If history is any indication, such government commissions are generally designed to justify federal trespasses and bury independent investigations before they can take place.

While it is not known what triggered Poliquin’s collapse during questioning, surely many people will be wondering if he is suffering from a new heart condition featuring myocarditis or blood clotting.           

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