The Election Was Rigged to Quash America First Patriots and “MAGA Republicans”

by JD Rucker, America First Report:

I stand by my assertion from last week when I said we’d either see a massive red wave or another round of stolen elections. What should have been a red tsunami was replaced by a cunning manipulation of not only votes but also how people are responding to it all. Like an assassin who makes his murders appear to be accidents, the powers-that-be stopped the red wave in its tracks while simultaneously convincing people that we should have expected this all along.


Early reactions to the 2022 midterm election results explain exactly why the results are what they are. I expected one of two things. Either there would be a massive red wave or there would be an uproar over races being stolen. Neither turned out to be true, at least as of now. The red wave didn’t happen and practically nobody is pointing to the unambiguous reality that rigged elections are to blame. Instead, we’re seeing finger-pointing and detailed but false analyses about why it happened.

Far too many conservatives have been trained to accept the fraudulent results because the mainstream narrative has been well-formed. Diverging from the mainstream narrative has proven to be dangerous, so most have convinced themselves that it’s better to play it safe. They’re busy trying to figure out what went wrong when the answer is blatantly clear.

This isn’t hard. Many of the races, especially in the states that were accused of being havens for voter fraud in 2020, were flat-out stolen. The hard part is getting those who know it in their hearts to admit it. Most won’t because we’re not allowed to think that. To speak it out loud would make us “election deniers,” at which point we’ll be lambasted by both the left as well as those on the right who are either blind or secretly happy with the results.

I covered all of this and a lot more on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

At this point someone will write in the comments that I need to show proof before making such accusations. We had so much proof of voter fraud in 2020 that was never properly reported or adjudicated that I no longer have faith in the system. To be more specific, I cannot accept the judgment of the post-truth society that we have become. This stance will get me labeled as a purveyor of “disinformation,” but I don’t care. What the powers-that-be call the truth are nothing but blatant lies. Patriots desperately need to stop falling for the notion that we cannot trust our own eyes or that things that don’t make sense to us are our actual reality.

Now is the time to stand behind what you feel to be the truth. If it doesn’t make sense to you that Joe Biden received more Black votes than Barack Obama, it’s because he didn’t. If it doesn’t make sense to you that John Fetterman could win despite being mentally unfit for the job, then you should accept that Pennsylvania has arguably the most corrupt election system in the nation. If it doesn’t make sense to you that nearly every race in states where voter fraud was an issue in 2020 defied polls and logic to yield Democrat victories, then perhaps you’re ready to come to the conclusion that I’ve come to, that many of these elections were stolen.

My biggest mistake was underestimating how gaslighted many if not most conservatives have been. Far too many, including a lot of those reading this article or listening to my show, have either been indoctrinated into accepting the narrative or they’re coping with the results by seeking other explanations. And as I noted on Twitter, Republicans who refuse to acknowledge our elections are being stolen should accept full ownership of these results because you hampered those of us who continue to try to expose it.

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