Four Hundred Private Jets Descend On COP27 In Show Of Climate Hypocrisy

private jet flying

private jet flying

Climate delegates were accused of hypocrisy after 400 private jets arrived in Egypt for COP27.

Numerous posts on social media criticized delegates for traveling by private jet to the UN climate summit.

Posts and reports included various estimates for the number of such planes bringing delegates to the gathering in the beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. [emphasis, links added]

Climate Action Against Disinformation, a group that analyses trends in false information on social media, said in a report on Thursday that narratives of supposed ‘hypocrisy and elitism’ were one of the main focuses of climate-skeptic messages during COP27.

Egyptian sources corroborated widespread claims that some 400 private jets landed during COP27.

Some media cited lower estimates by flight trackers, though there may have been private flights that were not logged by monitoring services. …

On November 6, Ahmed Moussa, a talk-show host close to the Egyptian leadership, boasted on air that ‘Sharm el-Sheikh’s airport welcomed more than 300 private jets. The airport was renovated with more corridors in order to welcome the guests of COP27.’

Criticism of private jets also surged during the last UN climate summit, COP26, in Glasgow in November 2021.

Estimates cited in media for the number of jets used at that event varied from less than 200 to around 400. …

However, it was not just peddlers of false information criticizing the COP27 delegates.

On November 5, hundreds of climate activists, some on bicycles, occupied an apron for private jets at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, calling for such planes to be banned.

The protest was organized by environmental groups Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion.

Top image by Marco from Pixabay

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