Do The Political Class, The Medical Establishment and The Media Care Whether We Live or Die?

It is all the fashion today for the media to talk about the next raging contagion and what to do about it. Stuff newspaper chimes in this morning with Covid-19 NZ: How to control a pandemic without a lockdown“. 

A galaxy of experts (the usual suspects) interviewed by Stuff recommends that we need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars getting ready. According to Prof. Chris Bullen of New Zealand’s Auckland University, we need “layers of people and tools on standby” – part of a new public health taskforce, presumably well stocked with highly paid experts and modellers permanently ready to assume control.

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

If we don’t stop the madness of biotechnology experimentation, they may well be right. There might not be time for anything except fighting off novel engineered pathogens and vaccines, launched by mad scientists around the world eager to keep up the biotech gravy train.

Curiously, the article manages to go through its paces without mentioning mRNA vaccines – a first for Stuff. This shouldn’t be a surprise, it is beginning to slowly sink in that mRNA vaccines don’t actually work, and they cause VDEM – Vaccine dependent enhanced disease – the worst-case scenario. mRNA vaccines are making people sick. Read HERE for a round-up of just how sick.

This message hasn’t sunk in yet in Canada where 90 doctors have dropped dead suddenly during the pandemic (and the rate of doctor deaths is accelerating!!). Canadian officials are carrying on regardless like lemmings over a cliff. Alberta’s Court of Appeal has upheld the requirement that eligible transplant recipients be vaccinated against Covid-19, saying the stipulation did not violate the charter rights of a terminally ill woman who refused to get a Covid inoculation.

Annette Lewis filed a legal challenge against Alberta Health Services, doctors and a hospital earlier this year after she was unable to get a lifesaving organ transplant due to her unwillingness to be biotech vaccinated. In other words, there is no right to medical choice or treatment. Effectively the judge sentenced the young woman to death.

There is a publication ban on the doctors’ and the judge’s identities, the organ involved and the location of the transplant program. Translation: don’t let the public know anything, we will look like criminals. The judge ruled against the application despite new research showing that Covid infection does not affect transplant outcomes (in any case she doesn’t have Covid).

Here in New Zealand and in highly Covid-vaccinated countries around the world excess all-cause deaths have reached record levels but no politicians are pressing the emergency button. They are not even mentioning it. It’s a taboo subject for the political class. 

The US midterm elections passed without so much as a dicky bird of Covid discussion. If you watched US election night coverage, Covid was conspicuous by its absence. The only chink in the armour was Governor Ron DeSantis’ victory speech where he mentioned Florida had ‘held the line’. DeSantis famously rejected lockdowns, masking, and mandates. He won with a considerably increased margin. A rare improvement on a lacklustre night for both parties.

Ardern is still suggesting that Covid mis- and disinformation are by far the number one concerns of the New Zealand electorate. Speaking at the United Nations, she said NZ concern is up at 80%. The polls say otherwise, inflation, climate change, and crime are occupying our thoughts. The pandemic was down at 8% and misinformation didn’t even get a look in. People can’t afford the basics – housing and food – but the media is regaling us with serious talks about how to dob in your neighbours to the Security Intelligence Service if they access the internet too much, practice yoga, or knit. And yes, Ardern headlined with: the next pandemic is coming soon so we had better get the thought police in shape.

At any other time in history, record levels of excess deaths (we are talking thousands) would have caused much soul-searching, but not today. David Seymour, leader of the ACT party, thinks we have too little death. He is disappointed not enough Kiwis are allowed to take advantage of euthanasia.

Rising death rates don’t seem to bother politicians anywhere. Watch Mark Steyn on GB News interviewing a former director of UK Office of Statistics. Steyn says: “It doesn’t get any more basic than dead bodies”. He is an anomaly among media pundits, the silence of the rest is deafening. You have to stay in touch with international science publishing to find out how damning the situation has become, the bodies are piling up.

Where did the silence come from?

Let’s go back to August 2021, vaccinologist Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris, director of the Global Vaccine Data Network (“GVDN”) spoke to health professionals about the measures that GVDN were proposing to take in order to assess vaccine safety. Undoubtedly Dr. Petousis-Harris’ performance influenced coercive mandate decisions taken very soon afterwards by the government with the support of all the other political parties. There is little doubt politicians were erroneously briefed that there were no safety or efficacy issues associated with an mRNA vaccine programme since that became their public messaging.

Dr Petousis-Harris, with lots of knowing looks and ‘it’s all OK’ asides, gave a rundown of her proposed failsafe measures to investigate causality. They were doomed to fail or rather they almost appear to have been designed to fail. The reasons for this were obvious from the start for anyone familiar with the history of biotechnology in general and gene therapy in particular. 

The process of assessing adverse effects was closely related to the prior experience with traditional vaccines. In other words, there was little recognition that the whole process of mRNA vaccination was based on novel biotechnology and liable to be associated with distinctly different and potentially more serious adverse effects. When the rate of adverse effect reporting went through the roof, there were no alarm bells set off.

Incredibly, Dr. Petousis-Harris omitted to mention or possibly even consider the shortcomings of our adverse event reporting system Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (“CARM”). 

She revealed that analysed data would be limited to the CARM database with the possibility or hope that GVDN might get access to hospital admission data sometime in the following year. CARM is known to be severely under reported, Medsafe estimates that less than 5% of adverse events are reported. CARM data was never going to be representative of adverse event rates and hence the proposed procedure to compare CARM data with historical background rates was flawed from the start. There was no provision to encourage or mandate CARM reporting.

This cavalier attitude to Covid vaccine safety was curated by Pfizer and others who were busy hiding adverse events which occurred during the mRNA vaccine trials. It took a court order to bring them to light. Dr. Petousis-Harris wasn’t just a bystander though. She has been a Pfizer adviser.

Disease categories being investigated for a causal connection with vaccination were limited in advance to a list shared by WHO. This list did not include signs of immune deficiency such as shingles or frequent mild illness, first diagnosis or recurrence of cancer, or sudden unexplained death.

Nor was the possibility of VDEM – Vaccine dependent enhanced disease – going to be taken seriously. During questions Petousis-Harris dismissed this saying “I don’t think we will see it”. Did they even look?

Crucially, the GVDN programme (the only one granted exclusive access to our NZ health data) decided on a primary approach to adverse event assessment that ruled out any long-term effects of vaccination in advance. This involved designating an event window following vaccination. Only adverse events in a short time period following vaccination would be counted as related to vaccination; other events would be ruled unrelated. Conveniently this means that current high all-cause death rates couldn’t possibly be due to vaccination (???).

Earlier this year GVDN decided to ignore the growing safety signals and double down. The May GVDN newsletter labelled vaccine hesitancy as the main threat to public health. You could be forgiven if you thought their purpose is not to assess vaccine safety but rather to ensure that vaccines appear safe at all costs.

So, are politicians being played by our experts or are they willing participants in a global disinformation process ultimately curated by people and corporations who stood to make massive profits from the pandemic? Whichever is the case, politicians have been sufficiently sure of their own infallible instincts to ensure that they asked no one to look any deeper. 

Mark Steyn correctly suggests that politicians have rejected any notion of responsibility. They are in denial. Even unprecedented excess all-cause death rates do not prick their conscience. Like the American politicians and political pundits, they are busy trying to make it all to go away by talking about anything but Covid. 

Medical administrators in their turn have become so inured to death that excess cancers, cardiac events, and sudden deaths can be airily dismissed with a wave of the hand and some casual platitudes about difficult times and how hard everyone has worked. What is there to worry about?

In August 2021 I was writing to public health experts and advisors, some of whom are named in today’s Stuff article, suggesting that the government institute a public health campaign based on improved diet and lifestyle. I was right about that, research has shown that better exercise, rest, lighter diet, herbs, and vitamins would have improved Covid outcomes dramatically. It still could strengthen public health, but the government’s pandemic response has been to close the door to public debate, deny public access to information, and persecute concerned voices.

Frankly there is a surreal air to parliament, the media, and the health service as if they have forgotten what their actual job description is. I suppose they are hoping that very soon the public will be too concerned about the cost of living to bother much about how long we will all live. My best friend from university died a year ago today. I miss him and his surviving family members do also.

Don’t worry though, as soon as they can get the next big contagion organised, they will come roaring back, the potential profits, salaries, and high-profile media attention are too mouth-watering to resist. And this time they will be ready to lift off from the get go.

We have to speak up. The process of creating risky pathogens in leaky labs is still going on. This is the life and death issue of our times. We have to speak up clearly with the voice of sanity.

About the Author

New Zealand’s Guy Hatchard, PhD, is an international advocate of food safety and natural medicine. He was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. He has lectured and advised governments in countries around the world on health and education initiatives.

Recently Dr. Hatchard launched a Campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation – GLOBE – a global initiative to end risky biotechnology experimentation.  You can register, contribute as an author or follow this initiative on the website: or signup to receive GLOBE’s email newsletters HERE.

You can find more articles by Dr. Hatchard on his website The Hatchard Report HERE.

Featured image: Auckland Uni to lead world’s largest vaccine monitoring study, 27 May 2021

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