Reality v. MSM Smoke and Mirrors

According to NYT fake news, Dems “showed up” for Tuesday’s midterms (sic).

MAGA Republicans “underperformed (sic).”

And hard times getting harder at a time of double-digit inflation wasn’t as important to voters as believed (sic).

And this WaPo rubbish:

The GOP fared poorly by running “bad candidates (sic).”

“(A)ccusations of voter fraud (are) baseless (sic).”

Republicans fell short on “election fundamentals (sic).”

Because of Florida’s impressive red wave, the White House imposter might deny the state “policies that benefit (its) voters” in hopes of increasing Dem support or retaliating against them for voting the wrong way.

If Republicans win narrow House control, Pelosi will deserve “a lot more appreciation” for preventing a nationwide red wave (sic).

Election 2022 was “normal” — without explaining that normality is all about winning races by rigging their outcome.

The “red wave (failed to) materialize.”

Brazen fraud by undemocratic Dems prevented it.

While there’s plenty about Trump to criticize, lack of a red wave isn’t included.

Abortion was worlds apart from a game-changing issue as some MSM claimed.

It’s the economy, stupid, especially coupled with inflation at a 40-year high, making essentials unaffordable for millions of low-income households.

Ignoring indisputable election fraud, what’ll likely let Dems maintain Senate control when more rigged results are announced, WaPo invented its own reasons to explain how Dems “did it.”

And this CNN fake news:

“Trump, who has repeatedly and falsely alleged (sic) that there was mass voter fraud in the 2020 election, baselessly (sic)” accused Dems of fraud in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

He’s right but should have cited more races in more states.

And what CNN called “conspiracy theories (and) disinformation” are indisputable facts confirming brazen fraud by Dems.

Debunking MSM fake news, Gateway Pundit set the record straight as follows, saying the following:

Dems “managed to drag John Fetterman across the finish line” in Pennsylvania — even though six months after suffering a debilitating stroke, he “has trouble comprehending speech and forming words.”

Not a problem for MSNBC, touting a figure who may never fully regain his pre-stroke condition as a future Dem presidential candidate — “a warm body” who’ll follow orders from party superiors.

And why not.

They installed an imposter in the White House, a mumbling, bumbling gaffe machine, an out-of-touch with reality/brain dead boob.

And this Gateway Pundit straight talk:

“The 2020 Election Steal was the roadmap for the 2022 Election steal that occurred on Tuesday.”

“Multiple instances of fraud and irregularities were discussed and many items that impacted election (results) made it uncertifiable,” adding:

“Americans woke up to a gut punch on Wednesday because of the realization that we now live in a banana republic.”

“Americans can’t trust (Dems most of all) and members of the GOP to adhere to election laws and not commit crimes.”

And this American Lookout straight talk:

“Arizona’s inability to count votes (accurately in its two most heavily populated counties) destroy(ed) faith in” the US system of elections.

Shenanigans ‘R Us defines how Dems operate.

Whenever US elections are held, Americans get the best “democracy” that money can buy, along with what dirty politicians can steal with impunity — giving them an incentive to win the old-fashioned way repeatedly.

Separately in response to the Biden regime’s pre-election student loan forgiveness stunt, leaving the core problem unaddressed while likely increasing high inflation more than already, US District Judge Mark Pittman ruled against the scheme.

Calling it unconstitutional, he said “we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone” — referring to Obama who in office said he’d go it alone with his “pen (and) phone,” Pittman adding:

“It is fundamental to the survival of our republic that the separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution be preserved.”

His unilateral giveaway was a thinly veiled pre-election stunt.

If the Biden regime appeals Pittman’s ruling and the Supremes have final say, they’ll likely agree on the importance of preserving and protecting the separation of powers to prevent abuse of power.

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