A Democrat Miracle: The GOP Wins Midterm Elections in Massive Blow-Out but Loses Every Single Toss-Up Seat Except One – Check Out Comparison to 2010 Results

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

Something looks statistically impossible here in the 2022 midterms.

Check out 2022 vs 2010 results. 

In 2010, Republicans won the popular vote by 2.5 MM votes and gained 63 seats. 

In 2022, Republicans won the popular vote by almost 6 MM and only gained 9 (if we are lucky – cheating continues through this morning).

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2022 Midterm Elections
Republican Total Votes 50,113,354
Democrat Total Votes 44,251,768
Republican Seats won +9
2010 Midterm Elections 
Republican Total Votes 44,593,666
Democrat Total Votes 42,191.29
Republican Seats won +63

Republicans lost EVERY “toss up” race in the 2022 midterm election except one

** They are still counting in four California House seats.

** They are still counting in one New Mexico House seat.

Here are the toss-up races in 2022, via Act Blue.

Greg Stanton(AZ-09) – Dem win

Josh Harder(CA-10)  – Dem win

Rudy Salas(CA-22) – still counting but losing

Christy Smith(CA-27) – still counting but losing

Mike Levin(CA-49) – – still counting but winning

Jahana Hayes(CT-05) – dem win

Sean Casten(IL-06) – dem win

Sharice Davids(KS-03) – dem win

David Trone(MD-06) – dem win

Hillary Scholten(MI-03) – dem win

Elissa Slotkin(MI-08) – dem win

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