(Reader: Chad) What Happening, NESARA, GESARA, etc

Reader Post | By Chad

Don’t get your supplies from your sworn enemy… Nafta / Gatt

Everything comes from China, who holds our debt.

All med’s are put into “Bacteriostatic water” suspension.

Bacteriostatic water (pure water) in vials pre-polluted with graphene. (4 vials of the apocalypse- moderna astrazeneca j&j sputnik) all M-rna (modified ribo nucleic acid) the “record” keeper that repairs the double helix DNA code, GTTACCA- type of dna code that goes up and down the bonds of the dna code (jacob’s ladder)  utilizes “CRISPER”  gene editing developed in 2017. bio & tech – graphene and M-rna

Drawn like the serpent’s fang with sharper than a 2 edged sword, a syringe that divides father from son, mother and daughter, siblings etc- biblical.

Graphene comes, according to MIT, from reducing Coal in an Industrial Microwave (explains the war on coal, drive prices down to buy it all in order to make lots of graphene.

The process takes carbon from the atmosphere (decarbonization) as it needs 6 Carbon molecules with 6 Walls (bonds between them). 

3 layers of it express strength to stop a bullet and highly magnetic

Graphene, a platonic solid, of magnetic razor blades, is the mire in the potters clay… the razor in the organic – human

Look up ” flower of Life ” kabbalah vortex math tesla 

Graphene is also the same shape as the pole of Saturn… a hexagon

Graphene turned on its point also represents the star of david a double triangle (3 sides, a prism, trinity, white light enters and separates into the rainbow.

In vortex math the triangle up, triangle down of the star of david inside the graphene is a light sucking or emitting (think takers/givers)

They suck our souls of our light “zest”

by marking and controlling us, their “cattle” with a graphene “mark”

It is so small, 1/100th a hair that it cuts through the brain blood barrier and interfaces rather nicely in with neuro tissue and becomes comingeled “antenna”

Hooked up to the “internet of things”.

1918 they put us in masks when they did A.M. Radio and then “pumped” up the volume to reach across the country.

2021 they put us in masks when they started 5G.   5 Like points of a pentagram? G like the masonic “G”? hmmm.

Deep State -CIA- What to do with all the nazi scientists???

Operation “Paperclip” get them into the cia and make NASA

Harden the underground bunkers connect by what? a Graphene maglev vacuum tube system like at the bank and… wow fast.

New Schwabba land took nazi’s to antartica and then no one was allowed to go there via treaty, the only treaty the WORLD  could apparently agree on.

Secret Societies -Dirt on each other

Blackmail Epstien and well the network… names on flight logs in case planes go down…

Ruby Ridge

the 70 year trust matured from the millionaires who established it was coming due

the $ was in twin towers computers, Silverstein and the “pulling” of 3 buildings not 2 for insurance

Ghaddafi was saying Bush -911

Bush did Iraq war to kill his families accuser- silence opposition

Bush Senior was JFK assassin initiator 

Because we wanted to go “gold” backed and come off the balfour declaration

and the emancipation proclamation when slaves of all humanity became the collateral under the birth certificates for the petro green back dollar and became the Dept of Transportation “baby bond” Panda Bonds (Panda eyes, Black Eye, Vril club) on the China/Evergreen collateral system as the number stamped on the back of your social security card, not the front, the bond # on the back.

back to graphene and saturn…saturnist’s… satanists… Ra… Eye of Horus

Satanic Pineal gland seat of consciousness, not the left nor the right hemisphere of the brain the center… the “Pride” flag … upside down colors assigned to Chakra’s (your ora) the black triangle of the flag the darkness that “sucks/takes” so using perversion of that which is natural sexually they use division of perversion rather than unity to keep us apart how far apart??? you say???

6 feet apart your heart chakra’s reach

H.R. the covid-19 bill that incentivizes those who’s licenses are held over their head with their debt on their necks to “stick” with the program and

do the population reduction. Those that come to harm and destroy humanity for their own gain. Who’s licenses were issued by the same roths/rockerfeller’s

Covid-19 covid-divoc in satanism “i” can be and “e”,   “v” can be a “b”,    and c can be substituted with “k” …. so…. debuk in hebrew in a poltergeist or “thing” that gets into your pernicious soul.

-19 1 is “A” 9 is “i” in alphabet so you have artificial intelligence in the vaxxed.


Senolytics… the study of aging, cellular level

1 bad apple spoils the bunch…

1 old cell accelerates aging on those around it.

Blood ages, it gets 50k hipflix reproductive cycles before it starts dying.

So young blood full of “energy” adrenaline has certain age defying effects- enough said Vampires.

Tesla med beds coming -sound, frequency, resonance coupled with stem cells.

I Hope it helps someone somehow.



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