Shocking Video Shows Plane Collides With B-17 Bomber At Dallas Airshow

Shocking footage has surfaced on social media of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress involved in a mid-air collision during the Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Dallas air show on Saturday at the Dallas Executive Airport. 

Local news WFFA quoted Dallas Fire-Rescue (DFR), who said the crash occurred around 1325 local time.

WFAA’s Jason Whitely confirmed a B-17 was involved in the mid-air collision, though he said the “other aircraft type uncertain,” adding debris was scattered across Highway 67. 

Videos show a smaller plane colliding with the bomber, breaking it in half as it plummeted to the ground in a fiery explosion. 

Here are more videos of the crash. 

The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed the crash and released this statement:


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