Russia/Ukraine Update

Russia is politically, economically, financially and militarily secure from US/Western aims to dominate the nation.

Nazi-infested Ukraine is a basket case.

Its economy in ruins, its resources limited, the regime is virtually bankrupt. 

For hegemon USA, it’s valued only as a weapon for perpetual war on Russia — at the expense of a lost generation of youths.

Hundreds of thousands were killed, wounded, captured or fled cross-border to stay alive — to keep from being used as expendable cannon fodder by the US-installed regime.

As winter approaches, Russia is well-prepared while readying its forces to liberate parts of its territory controlled by Kiev.

It’s at a time when European regimes are hard-pressed to handle their own domestic needs.

In contrast to the Biden regime’s pledge to keep throwing good money after bad in support of perpetual war on Russia, its European counterparts are exhausting their ability to go the same way.

Without continued US/Western military and economic aid, the regime and its military would collapse.

At some point, perhaps US dark forces will realize the futility of continued support for Ukrainian Nazis with little to show for tens of billions of dollars supplied them since 2014.

In early November, the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, showed up in Kiev with a pledge for continued amounts of weapons, munitions and equipment.

Despite knowing about the regime’s involvement in selling much of what’s supplied on the dark net to terrorist groups, billions more dollars are spent to keep its war machine going — as well as to fund US merchants of death and human misery.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, hegemon USA “control(s) only one tenth” of what’s supplied to Kiev.

It lacks information on what happens to the rest.

Throughout Western Europe, mass protests called for a halt to aiding Ukraine’s war machine at the expense of homeland needs — at a time when their economies are in recession and inflation is making food, energy and other essentials increasingly unaffordable.

The vast majority of ordinary Europeans want peace, not war, on Russia.

They want governance serving their needs, not Ukrainian Nazis.

Yet their ruling ruling regimes pledged 1.5 billion euros a month to Kiev for “as long as necessary.”

Will dominant Biden regime hardliners and their European counterparts unjustifiably justify use of illegally frozen Russian assets to aid Ukrainian Nazis?

Or will they use them to finance their own war machines?

Zakharova noted that Moscow warned the US/West against stealing and illegally using assets of another nation — what likely fell on deaf ears in Washington and European capitals.

Separately, she debunked the Biden regime’s claim, falsely accusing North Korea of supplying Russia with artillery shells for its SMO.

Whenever US/Western regimes make accusations against Russia or other nations, ones free from their control, no corroborating evidence is provided because there is none.

Commenting on US midterm elections, Zakharova stressed the following:

“Voters do not trust the election results, believing that they are rigged.”

“Considering the disgrace and scandalous trail of the 2020 presidential election, it can be confidently stated that this battle for control over the legislative branch of power is yet another manifestation of a deep civic conflict and violation of all democratic procedures in the run-up to the fight for the White House in 2024.”

And no matter which wing of the US war party runs things, nations free from their control are targeted for regime change by brute force.

Addressing the reality of US combat troops in Ukraine, Zakharova explained what Russia has been well aware of since the US 2014 coup in Kiev.

Today their numbers are far larger than earlier.

Pentagon troops operate HIMARS and other sophisticated weapons supplied to Ukraine.

The Pentagon and CIA orchestrate and direct regime strikes on Russian targets — choosing which ones to attack.

Notably in the run-up to and since Russia’s SMO began, Pentagon and CIA elements have been “actively involved in planning, (directing and conducting) combat operations” against Russia.

Since 2014, a de facto US/NATO state of war has existed against the Russian Federation.

At the same time, US/Western regimes support the scourge of Nazism.

Despite no chance to defeat Russia’s superior military — equipped with super-weapons that exceed the best in the West, ones mostly not used against Ukrainian Nazis — hegemon USA and its Western vassals risk possible WW III with nukes in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

As for former nation-state Ukraine — currently a weaponized territory for perpetual war on Russia — when European ruling authorities exhaust their ability to continue providing aid, Kiev’s house of cards will collapse.

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